Raul Hilberg refuses to appear again

Posted on March 20, 2022

Raul Hilberg refuses to appear again

Chick-chick-chicken, SQUAWK!

For the second Ernst Zundel trail, Canada, 1988, our great Holocaust scholar, Professor
hold-my-beer Raul Hilberg, the world’s foremost Holocaust expert (according to the Jews), simply went down the white-feather poultry road. He refused to testify again.
He’d taken a lickin’ the first time (see: newwritersharbor.com/members/francis_meyrick/), and he was damned if he’d risk another good hiding. Plus the acute risk of exposing himself to criminal perjury charges.

Robert Faurisson describes it thus:

“One misfortune awaited Prosecutor John Pearson: Raul Hilberg, in spite of repeated requestsrefused to appear again. The defense, having heard rumors of an exchange of correspondence between Pearson and Hilberg, demanded and got the publication of the letters they exchanged and in particular of a “confidential” letter by Hilberg which did not hide the fact that he had some bitter memories of his cross-examination in 1985. He feared being questioned again by Douglas Christie on the same points. To quote the exact words of his confidential letter, Hilberg wrote that he feared “every attempt to entrap me by pointing out any seeming contradiction, however trivial the subject might be, between my earlier testimony and an answer that I might give in 1988.”
In fact as I have already mentioned, Hilberg had committed perjury and he may have feared being charged with that crime.”


Source: page 25, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”


Note: he’s still holding his beer

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