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Holocaust survivor, Arnold Frieman, crashing, in flames

Posted on March 20, 2022

Holocaust survivor, Arnold Frieman, crashing, in flames

I did a search on this Jewish liar, and I found this tear-jerker:

“I headed back home, trying to save my family, but heard they were deported to a place I later found out was the gas chambers of Auschwitz,” he said.
He was captured and placed in a forced labour camp.
“In the camp there was an ever-present threat of impending death,” Frieman told CBC Manitoba in 2011.
“You felt your life was worth less than, I don’t know, a dog’s, and the hopelessness and the evil that came from your supervisors, and every day there were less of us, less and less, and the writing was on the wall.”
However, he made what he called a “miraculous escape,” and after the war he was taken to Norway, where he studied electronics.


Well, all was going well for him, until, I guess, he started believing his own lies. And agreed to serve as an expert witness in the 1985 Canadian Trial of Ernst Zundel. Big mistake. If you know you’re a fraud, the last thing you should do is expose yourself to cross examination. But that’s the pathology of the congenital l-i-a-r. They believe… their own lies.

Robert Faurisson documents the smoking wreckage as follows:

The prosecution counted on the testimony of “survivors.” These “survivors” were chosen with care. They were supposed to testify that they had seen, with their own eyes, preparations for and the carrying out of homicidal gassings. Since the war, in a series of trials like those at Nuremberg (1945-46), Jerusalem (1961), or Frankfurt (1963-65), such witnesses have never been lacking. However, as I have often noted, no lawyer for the defense had ever had the courage or the competence necessary to cross-examine these witnesses on the gassings themselves.

For the first time, in Toronto in 1985, one lawyer, Douglas Christie, dared to ask for explanations. He did it with the help of topographical maps and building plans as well as scholarly documentation on both the properties of the gases supposedly used and also on the capacities for cremation, whether carried out in crematory ovens or on pyres. Not one of these witnesses stood the test, and especially not Arnold Friedman. Despairing of his case, he ended by confessing that he had indeed been at Auschwitz-Birkenau (where he never had to work except once, unloading potatoes), but that, as regards gassings, he had relied on what others had told him.


Fancy that. Verdict: Bullsh*t.

Reference: pages 18 through 19, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”


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