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Raul Hilberg, world’s foremost Holocaust expert, and the day he crashed, in flames

Posted on March 19, 2022


Raul Hilberg, world’s foremost Holocaust expert, and the day he crashed, in flames

 I am frankly appalled at the sheer mendacity and astonishing nerve, of the so-called “world’s leading authority on the Holocaust”, Raul Hilberg. Still widely revered and feted in Jewish circles today, as the author of “The destruction of the European Jews.” American professor, Jewish descent. His appearance at the first Canadian trial of Ernst Zundel (1985) was such an anti-climactic farce, that most ordinary human beings would have been relived to slink away and hide. You would think. Well…

Consider the events at the trial:

1)  (roll of the drums)  (dramatic entry) (whispers in the audience)    Enter Professor Raul Hilberg.

2)  The professor gives a long and detailed testimony about what happened to the ‘six million Jews’. The terrible fate that befell them, the homicidal gas chambers, the sub-human cruelty of the Germans. Who would even dare question all that?

3)  Douglas Christie, that’s who.  Ernst Zundel’s lawyer.

In the words of Robert Faurisson, French scholar, who was beaten up (at an advanced age) no less than ten times by Jewish thugs.

“Right from the start it was clear that Hilberg, who was the world’s leading authority on the Holocaust, had never examined a single concentration camp, not even Auschwitz. He had still not examined any camp in 1985 when he announced the imminent appearance of a new edition of his main work in three volumes, revised, corrected and augmented. Although he did visit Auschwitz in 1979 for a single day as part of a ceremonial appearance, did not bother to examine either the buildings or the archives. In his entire life he has never seen a “gas chamber,” either in its original condition or in ruins. (For a historian, even ruins can tell tales). On the stand he was forced to admit that there had never been a plan, a central organization, a budget or supervision for what he called the policy of the extermination of the Jews. He also had to admit that since 1945 the Allies have never carried out an expert study of “the weapon of the crime,” that is to say of a homicidal gas chamber. No autopsy report has established that even one inmate was ever killed by poison gas.

Hilberg said that Hitler gave orders for the extermination of the Jews, and that Himmler gave an order to halt the extermination on November 25, 1944 (such detail!) But Hilberg could not produce these orders. The defense asked him if he still maintained the existence of the Hitler orders in the new edition of his book. He dared to answer yes. He thereby lied and even committed perjury. In the new edition of his work (with a preface dated September 1984), Hilberg systematically deleted any mention of an order by Hitler. [10] When he was asked by the defense to explain how the Germans had been able to carry out an undertaking as enormous as the extermination of millions of Jews without any kind of plan, without any central agency, without any blueprint or budget, Hilberg replied that in the various Nazi agencies there had been “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus mind-reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”


Reference:  pages 16 through 18, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”



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