Francis Meyrick

Twenty-two Questions for the honest man

Posted on February 27, 2022


“In the privacy, of your own mind? What do you think, of human kind?

When it comes to truth or lies?  Which is written, in the skies?”

Question #1.

Why did Elie Wiesel and countless (tens of thousands?) (nope!) (100,000 plus??) of other Jews survive the Holocaust (and go on to collect fame & reparations), if it was the intention of the Third Reich to eliminate every Jew they got their hands on? Wiesel claimed (disputed – Ed) to have been an inmate at Auschwitz for several YEARS. Others claim to have survived even longer. Most of these “survivors” were ordinary people, who did not possess any unique expertise. That could have been uniquely exploited for the German war effort. There was no logical, pressing reason to keep them alive. The very existence of more than a million survivors, even today, sixty years later (written AD 2005 – Ed), flat-out, laughably, contradicts one of the basic alleged components of the Holocaust. Namely that the Germans were inhumane, murderous brutes, determined to kill each and every hapless Jew they could get their claws on.

Question #2

Why is there no mention of the Holocaust, in Winston Churchill’s 6-volume History of the Second World War? And no mention in Charles de Gaulle’s war time memoirs? Or in the memoirs of a host of lesser luminaries, who wrote about the Second World War? Keep in mind that all these lengthy tomes were written years after the war had ended. And thus AFTER the Holocaust had allegedly been convincingly proven at the marathon Nuremburg Trails? SO convincingly, without any reasonable doubt, in fact, that men were HUNG for their alleged war crimes? The silence of these initiates, these experts, is strange. To say the least. Some might say, deafening.

Question #3

What was an inmate hospital doing in Auschwitz, well documented?  If it was, in fact, a murderous death camp, run by vicious German thugs? Excuse me, but do you cure ’em before you gas ’em? Oh, and why was there a Post Office? A swimming pool? Sports field? Concerts? A theater, putting on Plays? That the murderous German brutes attended? And we won’t mention the surviving film footage showing these activities. And we definitely (heaven forbid!) won’t mention a certain location that did a peachy fine business.The camp BROTHEL.

Question #4

Why would the Germans round up the Jews from far flung corners of their ever sprawling Reich? Thereby tying up large numbers of personnel, and high-in-demand railway resources? While fighting a World War on two fronts? All this major effort to deliver people to homicidal death camps, hundreds of miles away? Where (according to tearful, Holocaust Museum grade, ‘First Person’ Survivor stories) they were promptly executed upon arrival? Wouldn’t a five cent bullet-on-the-spot have saved a bunch of needless trouble and expense?

Question #5

Why after all this time, have Historians and researchers, gold-diggers and fakers, not been able to come up with a single verifiable, authentic German document, or written orders, that PROVE the Holocaust was a deliberate policy? Should we believe the likes of Raoul Hilberg, who claimed that in the place of German written orders, there came about “an incredible Meeting of the Minds”? Among the literally TENS of THOUSANDS of Germans, who would have had to smoothly coordinate their actions, over vast distances, and extended time periods, in order to carry out an epic undertaking of this magnitude?

Question #6

How come it is still insisted upon, on penalty of prison & infamy in many countries, that SIX MILLION JEWS were murdered? When, (hang ON here a cotton pickin’ second), the official death toll at Auschwitz (the flag ship of the Holocaust) started out at FOUR MILLION, just after the war. See photo of that monument. Then, under massive pressure from Revisionist Historians, was reduced to “approx 1.5 million”, in 2008. Overnight, with no publicity. See photo of that later monument. And THEN, blow me down, was reduced to “less than one million”. But the TOTAL is still SIX MILLION?? How does that even WORK? What kind of amazing abacus do you use, to perform that feat of advanced Mathematics? And to come along, all hoity-toity and indignant, stamping your Jewish foot, shouting “What difference does it make, six million murdered Jews or one million murdered Jews?”, comes across as some epic blustering. Many revisionist Historians don’t even accept one million DEATHS (no where near it, in fact) (not: murders). The fact is you weepy Holocaust faithful, full of emotion and rage at the Germans, are already, on your own admission, FIVE MILLION JEWS out. On your super special abacus. How can we attach much credence to ANYTHING you say, after that?  And yet, you send people to jail, for three years, for even daring to ask these BASIC QUESTIONS? Like David Irving, the Historian? Will you persecute us, if we pass you a calculator, instead of your magic abacus?

Question #7

All of Germany’s war time codes were compromised. The Bletchley decrypts meant that the British code breakers were listening in, in real time, to everything the Germans were saying. That treasure trove of information critically includes the daily reports sent from Auschwitz to Berlin. The transcripts of these messages make NO MENTION of mas executions. Those messages don’t even remotely suggest a genocidal program in progress. It has been suggested the Germans used some sort of code words, to describe their mass murders. The evidence is scant, to say the least. Since high-level, critical  German military communications were passed over such decoded channels, with the British listening in, it seems obvious that the Germans had no clue that their code had been compromised.

Question #8

The water table at Auschwitz lies a mere eighteen inches beneath the surface. Which makes the lurid claims of huge, deep pits, full of tens of thousands of burning bodies, wholly untenable. In addition, regular Allied camera overflights failed to capture one single image supporting this claimed, massive barbecue. Further evidence clearly refuting these lies, is provided by the massive quantities of coke that would have been required. But never provided.

Question #9

Initially, strident claims were made that mass executions, in ‘homicidal gas chambers’ (disguised as shower rooms), had taken place in many of the camps liberated by the Western Allies. The US, Britain and France. These Western Allies liberated most of the land mass of the old German Reich, and most of the concentration camps. Investigation, however, produced NO evidence of this. During the nineteen-sixties, amazingly (and some would say, conveniently) that story completely changed. Now it was held that all the German homicidal death camps were in fact all liberated by the advancing Russians. Fancy that. So we are asked to solemnly believe that all the Death camps were located, amazingly, ONLY in that area under Russian occupation, and away from prying, investigative, allied eyes. The honest Bolshevik Russians, of course, pure as the driven snow, with nothing themselves to hide, (no Russian gulags or anything like that, a genocide here and a mass, forced starvation maybe there), can be totally relied upon to be telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. About the terrible German homicidal gas chambers. Disguised as shower rooms. Found, amazingly, ONLY. In their area.

Question #10

Nobody has been able to reconcile the many, many, super emotional, ‘eye witness’ accounts, that slave worker personnel entered the gas chambers after only twenty minutes. Without any protective gear. Given the minor fact, that Zyklon-B was a ‘time release’ fumigant, that would have had an absolutely lethal capability for at least another twenty four hours. And that even after twenty-four hours, the corpses would have themselves remained sufficiently contaminated with the hydrogen cyanide gas, to provide a massive, lethal risk to said personnel. Capable of killing those who even touched the bodies. Yet, we have masses of ‘eye witness’ testimony, of Jewish people claiming tearfully, with full televised pathos and obligatory choked-up emotion, that they did in fact, perform the scientifically impossible.

Question #11

Why do we no longer hear the solemn Nuremburg claims (for which people were hung by the neck) that those evil Germans manufactured soap, lamp shades, riding britches out of those poor, poor Jews? Although, I recently watched yet another extremely dubious, borderline laughable video, carefully stage managed by the well-funded US Holocaust Museum. In it the sprightly looking ‘survivor’ appears to imply they were forced to wash themselves with soap that they knew was made from murdered Jews. Oh, how terrible! And she spoke her lines so well! With such a straight face!  But these stories, although not completely dead and buried, are on the wane. Could it be that in the light of modern forensics, and DNA knowledge, these off-the-wall claims, faithfully parroted by teeming legions of ‘Holocaust survivor’ Jews, serve more to prove the worst form of mass tribal, congenital mendacity? A vicious slur against the German people?



Question #12

Why do we no longer hear shrill claims that huge numbers of Jews were exterminated in massive steam chambers? Electrocuted on special grids? Diesel-fumed to death? Oh, and attacked, ripped apart, by wild beasts, eagles and bears? Oh, and the masturbation machines? Let’s not forget them. It added color to the Nuremburg trials. All accepted as solemn fact, eh? Men were hung by the neck on account of all this. But the suggestion of lies, cruel lies, and damnable lies, on the part of the 2,400 Jewish, Nuremburg court appointees, flown in from all over the world? That would provoke outrage, even today. In Europe, one dare not breath a whisper. On pain of lengthy incarceration. Or a good rub-a-dub beating, from a brave gang of a dozen Jewish thugs. Like the TEN times, that Robert Faurisson got beaten to pulp. In America? A matter of time, before the gag becomes felony law, it appears. Judging by our Governors, like ‘Knee Jerk’ Greg Abbot of Texas, and the Khazar-appointed popular hero from Florida, Ron de Santis. The eagles, bears, and masturbation machines are accepted in the Nuremburg documents. Justice was rendered. Query it at your goyim peril.

Question #13

Do we seriously believe that nobody ever suffered like the Jews? That their suffering is unique in the annals of Human History? That this ‘fact’ must be relentlessly drummed into our school children, through the method of mandatory school courses? Holocaust only, of course, with no mention of the Jew-masterminded Bolshevik massacres? The murder of priests, nuns, bishops, mayors, writers, artists, engineers, business leaders and intelligentsia? The fate of the ethnically cleansed Kulaks? The Armenian genocide? Courtesy of the Donmeh, the Turkish crypto Jews? The Holodomor? All of which numbers FAR exceed even the mythical ‘six million Jews’? Massively so? Yes, we must seriously believe that. We are anti-Semitic, unless we solemnly believe that nobody, ever, in the History of the World, EVER, suffered, like the poor Jews.

Question #14

Elie Wiesel has been described as the ‘Apostle of Remembrance’. His book ‘Night’ is mandatory reading at Americans schools. Millions sold. Every literary reward bestowed. But, hold on. How come his Concentration camp tattoo belongs to another prisoner? How come it appears and disappears? How come many claim he was never there, at all, and outrageously faked the whole sorry story? How come in his world-famous “Night”, in which he describes his stay at Auschwitz, he (Oops!) forgets to mention the ‘homicidal gas chambers’?  Disguised as shower rooms? With drafty, wooden doors, handle on the inside, and large, single pane windows? Isn’t that a bit like one of the Gospels, accidentally forgetting to mention Jesus? Or the Cross?

Question #15

How come just about every survivor of Auschwitz, featured in the tearful US Holocaust Museum ‘First Person’ survivor stories, was personally examined, fondled, experimented upon, chosen, selected, by Dr Mengele?  But they all managed, somehow, miraculously to survive?  And not get their hands swapped across, for fun? Or boiled or frozen alive? Was this man capable of personally dealing with tens of thousands of Jews? How busy was he? Is the Dr Mengele line remotely true? Or just an expected, obligatory prop? Like being forced to wash your hands in soap, made from murdered Jews?

Question #16

According to survivor Jews, hundreds of thousands of their people were executed at Treblinka. And then buried in mind-bogglingly HUGE mass graves, in the adjacent area.  Those who solemnly swore the sacred truth of their stories, could not have foreseen (Oops!) the later invention and emergence, of more and technologically advanced, ground sonar probing equipment. (In the same vein that later DNA testing, and pesky forensic methods could not have been foreseen, by the enthusiastic creators of the shrunken heads & the human skin lampshades).  How is it that extensive sonar probing of these supposed mass burial grounds, has clearly revealed that this alleged ‘final resting place’, for tens of thousands of Jewish Holocaust victims? Has remained undisturbed for quite a while. To be precise, since the last flippin’ ICE AGE.

Question #17

“Proof” of the Holocaust rests primarily on survivor testimony. There is little, if any, hard evidence. Even the best of this ‘evidence’ has been described by Jean Claude Pressac as ‘merely criminal traces’. Even Judge Grey, who presided at the Irving/Lipstadt trial, commented that he was surprised that the evidence pointing to the Holocaust was “extremely thin”. To paraphrase Arthur Butz:  ” A crime of this magnitude would have left a mountain of evidence.”  Yo! Where IS it? There was much more hard evidence at the OJ Simpson trial, and he was found innocent. So much of the ‘survivor testimony’ is thought to be actually nothing more than ‘hearsay evidence’, which is notoriously unreliable. And in essence, inadmissible in respectable court. That may even be kind. Not only may there be much ‘hearsay evidence’ in play here. That is to say nothing about outright malicious fabrication.

Question #18

Why has Holocaust Revisionism been so viciously criminalized in so many countries? What other supposedly self-evident truth, needs to be protected/defended by the threat of lengthy prison sentences? The systematic destruction of a man’s career? Punitive and predatory legal sanctions? Bailiffs rolling up to take your furniture? When a Judge dismisses verifiable, Historical truth as irrelevant, because, he says “The Truth is no defense”, then are there any greater heights of woof-woof, barking, Clown World left to ascend?  We can criticize Jesus, and make movies alleging his homosexuality, grant him purple hair, and allow him to cavort with Mary Magdalene. Not a problem. Barely an eyebrow raised anymore. But if you DARE to ask even basic questions about the ‘6 million Jews’? Oh, my.

Question #19

Why do Holocaust defenders quickly resort to furious anger, and heated emotion, even threats of physical violence? Why can’t they stay with the Historical facts? Are they secretly hiding their weakness, in regards to those pesky Historical facts? They say that denying the Holocaust is outrageous, like denying slavery, or claiming that the earth is flat. In doing so they casually ignore what they full well know to be true:  that they are up against life long, career Historians, often with outstanding academic credentials. Those same Holocaust defenders also claim denying the Holocaust, even basic-questioning it, is indecent, immoral, a crime against humanity. There exists no other Historical event, or alleged historical event, which is supposedly off-limits to Historical scrutiny. ONLY the Holocaust Brigade make this unique claim.

Question #20

The Holocaust reparations paid by Germany, and other countries, to the Jews, now amount to hundreds of billions of dollars. Does anybody reasonably suppose that this colossal sum of money is NOT a factor in the fury with which the Jewish lobby defend the ‘6 million Jews’ story?  Does anybody, with a straight face, propose to stand up and say that the small matter of reparations has nothing what-so-ever to do with the hair-trigger, teeth-bared, throat snarling, ever-ready defense of the ‘6 million’?

Question #21

Survivors of the Holocaust have testified that smoke billowed from the chimneys of the crematoria, as the flames consumed the bodies of the murdered Jews. Some eye witnesses even solemnly claimed that they could detect national origins from the color of the smoke. Experts in the technology of highly modern, state-of-the-art crematorium ovens have testified that today’s technology is wholly unable to come even remotely close to the -claimed- efficiency of the German World War Two era ovens.

Question #22

The International Red Cross was granted access to all Hitler’s work camps. They have documented that they saw no evidence of homicidal, or genocidal extermination taking place. Israel is known to have exerted tremendous political pressure on the International Red Cross, to remain silent. One wonders why.




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