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The hypocrisy of ‘Black Lives Matter’

Posted on July 12, 2016

(Background: I have been doing some writing for a website called ‘Quora’. I’ve written just over 100 answers to questions asked by Internet users. This response I wrote had garnered well over 20,000 views and 130 upvotes in a 24 hour period. But once again, their moderator team abruptly censored my writing, and collapsed my answer. I have been repeatedly harassed and threatened by one or more of their ‘moderators’ with permanent banishment from their site. I think the issue is that some of their mods have extreme views of their own, which they like to impose. They also may not be very sophisticated or educated readers. Meaning that they fail to understand that a writer will hold up something very ugly to the light, before he analyzes it, and offers an alternative viewpoint. Endless snarky messages to ‘be nice, be respectful’ show me that they do not understand this very common literary device. I have decided there is not much point continuing there. I will transfer those posts to this site, and forget about ‘Quora’ as a serious outlet.)

I sigh. Deeply. There is no easy way of saying what I feel. Here goes my best effort:

Why do Movements like BLM refuse to acknowledge that Black-on-White crime is MASSIVELY higher than White-on-Black?

There are several reasons:

BLM exhibits, in copious quantities:

1. Moral cowardice & opportunism
2. Overwhelming self pity
3. a tradition of shallow intellectual reasoning
4. Screaming, classic, text book, pathological racism

For all those reasons, they are PART OF THE PROBLEM.

The line of reasoning that wants to neatly (and conveniently) separate soaring Black criminality out from their ‘movement’ is patently false, absurd, and does not for one second stand up to scrutiny. It’s so thin, you can not only see through it, if you hold it up to the light, it spontaneously combusts.

FACT: Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites. More up to date FBI statistics tell a similar story.

Now, the last thing we need to do is tar all Muslims with the same brush. I argue elsewhere on Quora that to do so, is a massive own goal. We need the Modernist, reformist, Law Abiding Compassionate Muslims to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us, to defeat the brainwashed 7th century cult groupies. And usher them into the 21st century, or smack ’em down – hard. The percentage of Muslims who exhibit some degree of Radicalism and/or support for Shariah Law -which has NO PLACE in America, ever- is distressing, but it still should not deflect us from a resolve to warmly welcome those into our homes, who wish to be part of the fabric of Modern America. The last thing we need to do, is persecute and vilify ALL MUSLIMS, and drive them, by our bigotry and crass prejudice, straight into the arms of the fiendishly grinning crazy extremists.

Well, for the label “Muslims’ please substitute the word ‘Black’ in the above paragraph. And you will see pretty well the exact same imperative, minus the 7th century bit:

give your black (or white) (or brown) neighbor a hug today.

Hey, I’ve got black friends. I’ve worked with black buddies flying and maintaining helicopters, around the world. We’ve laughed our a**ses of together, and we’ve gotten drunk together. On occasions, when stunning tragedy struck, we have wordlessly hugged one another. There’s not a job on this planet, that a Black Man hasn’t demonstrated he can do equally well as the White Man, the Brown Man, the Yellow Man, and the vast ranges of superficial skin pigmentation in between. One of my best buds was a Chinaman. A heart of gold. Despite all the drama and the hoopla, the lurid headlines and the blood needlessly spilled on the streets, we are still all ONE HUMAN FAMILY. The vast majority of us, white, black, yellow, red, brown, white-black, brown-yellow, yellow-red, we ALL just want to walk down the street safely. See our kids safe at school. Pay the mortgage. Drive a decent car. Get promoted. Get along with our neighbors. See the Packers get clobbered.

The vast, overwhelming majority of ANY RACE just wants it all to go away. They don’t want drug infested neighborhoods, street muggings, and crime statistics that blight their lives. How many of us are staring at the news, shaking our heads sadly, wishing we could wind the clock back a few days?

I believe that Cops are held to a very, very high standard in this great country. I KNOW it. I’ve travelled and worked around the world, and I could tell a tale or two about the way the REST of the world’s cops behave! Put it this way, when the nice man at Immigration at Houston handed me back my passport, and said “Welcome home, Sir!” (as they did, reliably, once a month, every time I flew back in from Angola and the Congo) I felt this warm glow of happiness. And relief. Glad to be back in America. Land of Opportunity. Home. You want to appreciate THIS COUNTRY? Speaking as an immigrant, and a very proud US Citizen, I say to you:

“Travel around the world. Open your eyes. Don’t EVER take what you have here for granted! America is GREAT. Roll your sleeves up, and get going. ANYBODY can make it here.”

Are there problems? F**k, yes. Everywhere. Are the cops perfect? No. You get the odd character who just shouldn’t be behind a badge. Who can show me ANY profession that doesn’t have the odd fruitcake? But the overwhelming majority, the screaming overwhelming majority, consist of the type of cop YOU AND ME WANT TO SHOW UP ON OUR DOOR STEPS when some knife or gun wielding maniac, possibly high on God-knows-what-poison, comes ah-kicking and ah-screaming in our back door.

The problem is still a MINORITY. That includes shallow, intellectually severely challenged, hate spewing BLM hotheads. I have no time for them. I was also impressed (saddened) by Richard Warner’s sobering research, under this same question.

Let’s gather together, as one family, and make a point of not letting the haters win.

give your black (or white) (or brown) neighbor a hug today.

And let’s all just get along.

I’m going to down to the Dollar store to buy a pint of milk. That big black Mama will probably be there. Always gives me that huge big welcoming smile. A real sweetheart. Funny as well. Always good for a chat. I’m looking forward to that.

When I drive across the car park, I’m gonna be extra courteous to everybody. I’m gonna stop for pedestrians, and cheerfully wave them on.

I’m going to make an extra effort today, by my words and actions, to be part of the solution, not the problem. I’m going to weigh my words more carefully. I’m not going to whitewash what I think, in the words of George Carlin, is plain


…but I’m also going to be a lover.



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