The Spermatozoan Stealth Strategy – Shariah Britain in 2046

Posted on February 19, 2016

The Spermatozoan Stealth Strategy – Shariah Britain in 2046

It seems a certain strange assumption is proving unassailable.
An ‘article of faith’ that is not contested. ‘A pillar’ of a certain creed that is forged from an unbreakable ore. A ‘given’ that cannot be questioned, let alone challenged. A ‘solid floor’ of unavoidable destiny, upon we all appear to be required to tread without hesitation. Or question.
Um. Really? We’re on the 46th floor. It’s a long way down. That floor looks fragile to me. I’m not happy walking on it. That pillar looks to me it has huge cracks in it. I’m not happy relying on it to hold the roof up. And as for an ‘article that ‘cannot be contested’. And a ‘given’ that ‘cannot be questioned’.
Says bloody who?
The academics? The ubiquitous enlightened, noble Left Wingers? Basking in the preening warmth of their self esteem? Feeble, appeasement oriented Government? The biased, fearful, ‘bought and paid for’ Media? The ordinary people of Western Europe?
Well, if they are all saying it’s perfectly okay for barbaric, 7th century Shariah Law to continue its relentless, bloodthirsty, all conquering march out from the ever growing mini Caliphates increasingly dotted all around Western Europe, then, I for one, indignantly raise my feeble voice against the Wind. And if, shouting against the waves, driven ashore by the Coming Storm, my voice is barely heard, I will shout louder. I shall draw symbols in the sand, with a broken stick. I know the waves may well wash away my flimsy characters. But I shall try. For I, a simple wretch, hold that the ‘Spermatozoan Stealth Strategy’ has gone far enough. Way too far already, in fact. Just because a certain grouping has higher fertility -much higher- does that mean they are entitled to inherit the earth? Within a couple of decades? Just because Western Europe has a birthrate below two children per family, and the Fuzlims commonly have over eight, does that mean, Hey presto!, their culture must be right? And not just right, but entitled to IMPOSE their Faith and so-called ‘Justice System’ on the rest of us Kaffir Infidels? Not to mention higher taxes, and second class citizen status? Or worse? Much worse?

Excuse me. Based solely on Human Sperm? We are perfectly happy to surrender centuries of Western traditions and Culture – in the relative blink of a randy Fuzlim’s eye – for a barbaric, brutal, 7th century myth, based on humbug and false pretend ‘religiosity’? Genocide, female mutilation, stoning, suppression of women’s right, chopping off hands and BY FAR the bloodiest history of any false ideology ever inflicted upon this long suffering planet?
Because make no mistake, this surrender WILL erase the old ways. Totally.
And if I, worthless wretch, even DARE to query this, shouting into the Wind from the top of the cliff, then I am instantly labelled a racist, raving fruitcake? Yo, honey. You sweethearts occupying your morally superior chairs of wisdom at universities, Media outlets, Government seats, pompous power brokers and blind appeasement freaks. You PC marching lemmings. You over zealous and COWARDLY paper cops when it comes to ‘Britain First’, and ‘Pegida’? Witnessed by your rabid hounding of Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen? Banning them from Luton for exposing the truth everybody quietly knows to be the truth? That barbarous Shariah Law and the Luton Muslim no-go zone for Kaffirs operates with impunity? And is aggressively expanding this mini caliphate? One of many? Growing and prospering? Indeed, with active paper Police SUPPORT? Whilst you IGNORE the screaming, bottle and brick throwing, hate filled, spitting, violence threatening rabid Fuzlims? What’s good for the fundamentally Peaceful ‘Britain First’ Goose doesn’t apply to the hate filled, spitting, attacking, intolerant Fuzlim Goose?
Sheez… Well, if that is the case, I proudly hold up my hand, and declare:


**** For I DARE to call out the SCREAMING MORAL COWARDICE OF THE LUTON PAPER POLICE UN-FORCE. You scrawny, biased and impotent lot deserve every brick and bottle and Molotov Cocktail the Fuzlims will throw at your heads – eventually. It’s coming. And you know it. Deep down, you know it. And you will run, and cower, and desperately seek more Fuzlim applicants. That’ll fix it. Sure.

**** For I DARE to call out the WEAK, APPEASING MAGISTRATES. Who even now are taking crash courses in Shariah Law, and experimenting with quoting that sick, 7th century UN-LAW.

**** For I DARE to call out the SICK British Media, ‘bought and paid for’, with a plastic, fold over safety pin instead of a SPINE. And quaking blubber instead of raw GUTS.

**** For I dare to call out the Fuzlim Can kicking British Government Politicians, even now pandering and prostrating themselves before the Fuzlim minority. Elevating myopia and an unwillingness to face the implication of sky high Fuzlim birth rates, to an Olympic Gold Medal ranking.

**** For I dare to call out British people of all walks, who appease, obfuscate, stick their heads in the sand, look this way, that way, and every way, except DOWN THE CUL-DE-SAC.
What part of “SHARIAH WILL RULE THE WORLD” do you NOT understand? They wave it on their placards, they state it in their declared manifestos. They openly BOAST about it.
The writing is on the wall, the ceiling, the front door, the back door, the inside of every cupboard in the kitchen, and there is a banner towing aircraft flying low overhead, backfiring, that is towing the same orange-and-purple flashing neon light warning.
And ask yourself: isn’t it about time we queried the ‘article of faith’ that ‘cannot be contested’?
Namely that mere SPERM successfully hitting its mark much more frequently in some foreign invasive culture, does ABSOLUTELY NOT bring with it the right to automatically CONQUER and SUBJUGATE. AND ERASE PREVIOUS CULTURE.
Appease and whimper all you like, my naïve friends. Wring your hands, and protest meekly that I’m a racist, intolerant, rabid fruit cake.
Looking out the window on the 46th floor, in the year 2016, I count 46 years since the Labour party Non-thinkers and Wacky Left Utopian Dreamers opened the door wide to the Trojan Camels. From 1970 up to now, all I see is a sea of minarets. And a seething morass of impotent fury.
I look above me, and I imagine the view from the yet to be built 76th floor. In thirty years time. And I see violence, and hatred, and street fighting. I hear gun shots, and I see bricks, bottles, stones and Molotov Cocktails. I see a crumbled and morally discredited Police Force. I see violent hatreds, and deep divisions.
I see the tragedy of an earlier generation, back in 2016, who failed to see the writing on the wall. Who ignored the truth, for it was too hard to bear. Who turned two blind eyes and two deaf ears to the approaching Juggernaut. Who exhibited moral cowardice a-plenty. In epic quantities of see-no-evil and it-will-be-alright-on-the-night.
In my mind, I advance to 2046, and I look down from the 76th floor, and I see a sea of burqas. I see a shallow ‘religion’ which is not a religion at all. But a fascist ideology, intent on conquering and supremacy, founded on hate and intolerance, dressed up prettily in the convenient accoutrements of ‘religion’. A means to control the weak minded, and persecute and silence the independent thinkers. A façade, that tramples on humility, gentleness, compassion and tolerance. An evil ideology, that is responsible for more Muslim deaths world wide than all other aggressors combined. Many times over.
I see the Spermatozoan Stealth Strategy reigning supreme. Still. The Old England has been trampled underfoot. And they say they never saw it coming.
I see unspeakable tragedy unfolding.

I hear our Fathers and Forefathers.


In their graves.

Francis Meyrick

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