Question 1-1 ‘If only there was a Way’

Posted on February 14, 2016

Question 1-1

“If only there was a way” 2/14/2016 Question posed by a supporter on FB “Pegida (UK) ”

“A Supporter” recently eloquently posed this conundrum:

“If only there was a way to organize ourselves without getting in trouble with the traitorous government, then we might be able to get something done about this problem. Instead we have to do nice little orderly protests which have no effect at all.
Lets face it, unless we risk everything we will lose everything.
As we feel that we have so much to lose, we will risk nothing and lose everything. Or rather our children and grandchildren will lose everything.”

Francis Meyrick: very well stated. Isn’t this the question on EVERYBODY’S mind? Oh, and I 100% agree when you say:

“Or rather our children and grandchildren will lose everything.”

I think that sad statement is TRUE. They stand to lose both their culture AND their country. Maybe even their physical safety and/or lives. You can see that. I can see that. The appeaser-ostriches are too scared to even look out of their favorite tiny place. In the ground.

Here’s a few thoughts:

1) Traitorous government.

I agree, there has been much treachery. What the Labor Party has done, and is doing, elevates “appeasement” to Olympian Gold Medal heights of treason. But they are also worried. That worry shows in different ways, not least the hysterical condemnation of patriotic, concerned Brits as “extreme, far Right, Ultra Fascist nationalists”. Who presumably roast babies and worship Satan in their spare time. In truth, so many of the ‘appeasers’ are just frantically feeding the crocodile (hoping it will devour them last) (A mosque in a residential area? NO problem! Here’s a gift! You want more money? No problem! Here’s a blank check!). They are in truth FAR LEFT. Out of the Solar System, out of the Galaxy FAR LEFT. To us, patriotic Brits are centrist types. Let’s get that straight from the beginning. It’s the rabid left screamers, moralizers, and Cloud Cuckooland dreamers who are the Extra Galactic Far Left Raving Rabble. So that’s a given. We have to work around it. Government wants power, and wants dumb people. We can call them “sheeple”. Are they going to get a peaceful collection of bleating lambs? I doubt it. Very much. My point is this: don’t worry too much about Traitorous Government, barely clinging to power, in the face of mounting popular fury. The hostility is a given. Governments can be changed. WILL be changed.

2) Police response

I’m kind of amused. And slightly contemptuous. Political interference in British Police actions is screamingly obvious. Put it this way. A screaming, raving, Islamic fruitcake can burn down the proverbial Paper Factory, and as long as he shouts “Allahu Akbar” and gets hundreds of his fruitcake buddies on the cell phone, so they come running, the way they do, you can bet there will be ZERO response from the British Police. There is all kinds of evidence of this, including a lot of video. Bricks and bottles flying, and the cops waving their hands pitifully. “Please stop!” “Don’t hit us!” Now, on the other hand, you know what comes next, right? Yesss…. Along comes our Pegida member, or Britain First, or whoever is a member of the AIA (Anti-Immigrant-Alliance), and HE has the unspeakable audacity to drop a used fag end on the ground. Down the road from the blazing paper factory. HE gets arrested, thrown on the ground, handcuffed, and charged with ‘assault with a dangerous weapon’. Heck, his fag butt was still BURNING, right? He allegedly threw it at a Peaceful Muslim, didn’t he? Shocking! Typical Far Right Nazi Skinhead Thug! Etc, etc.
I jest, but you get the idea. If simply handing out leaflets can get you arrested and charged (if you’re a member of the AIA) then the writing is on the wall. British Police have been cowed by their political masters and over lords into passive acceptance of Islamic outrages, brick and bottle throwing, and also into over zealous, wholly disproportionate response to the unlucky fag end dropping AIA member.
Again, it’s a given. I’m not too worried about it. That can be worked around.

3) Media coverage

I read voraciously, and I even dabble a bit at writing. I’ve written six books so far. From where I sit, I maintain that the British (and American) media are overwhelmingly “bought and paid for”. Their agenda is dictated by Government, and by shadowy George Soros type figures. With an agenda all of their own. It sure as heck doesn’t promote the existence of healthy investigative journalism. Toe the line or get fired. But here’s an interesting trend.

*** In the old days, if you wanted to get a BOOK published, you HAD to go on bended knees to a publishing house, and grovel and whine, and accept pennies on the pound for your labors. It was the only way. Then, revolution! Along came the Internet, and multiple self publishing opportunities. Increasingly, authors had their fate in their own hands. No more groveling for pennies on the pound.

**** Well, guess what. The same revolution is happening in the arena of NEWS REPORTING. It’s really interesting what you will learn off the Internet News type videos, often very well produced. The German people are rightly furious that the LOONEY LEFTY politicians, including the Mayor of Cologne, moved heaven and earth to HIDE the truth of the mass Cologne sexual attacks by a drunken mob of a thousand migrants. The Mad Mayor of Cologne even instructed the Police to HIDE the truth for FOUR DAYS. It’s called LYING. Whilst the internet was all abuzz with dramatic ‘amateur’ video and news reporting, the politicians and the complicit Police were maintaining that it had been a totally peaceful New Year’s Eve! Only when the truth could no longer be concealed, did the Looney Left rather reluctantly (and red-faced) admit there had been maybe a ‘slight problem’ in Cologne. And Hamburg, And Bremen. And Vienna. And Frankfurt… etc. etc.

So you can probably see where I am going with this. Sure, the Government is quaking at the thought of an organized and vocal AIA. Sure, the frustrated cops can’t touch the Fuzlims, but they can make up for it by stomping all over the dastardly fag butt dropping AIA protesters. Sure, the media are hostile. But the Internet beckons. You can’t intimidate the Brits. Not for long. They will find a way to do their own News Reporting. You are NOT going to bully true Brits into a cowed silence. Not going to happen.

4) Nice little orderly protests

Here’s what will happen. “Pegida” and others will grow into large, peaceful organizations. Bring the whole family. That’s the way it’s going in Germany. Able to put not just a few dozen people in the field, but hundreds, and eventually, thousands. Nice and orderly. The bigger the peaceful rallies, the more THE TRIAD (Government, Police, Media) are going to be struggling to describe all this as the work of a ‘handful’ of “far Right thugs and hooligans”. To keep it peaceful, you HAVE to have clearly recognizable march ‘stewards’ with reflective jackets, clearly identifiable. They are there, with walkie talkies, to ensure an orderly protest. Scrupulously peaceful. Noisy, but peaceful.

5) escalation

Now you know full well there are other organizations who are much more violently inclined. They exist on the immigrant side, for sure, and we have seen them in action. But they also exist on the opposing side. As I write this. I received an alert that Tommy Robinson just got attacked and badly beaten up. He’s in hospital unconscious. You know that there are those who will be infuriated. While I do not approve of violence, nor do I encourage it, I see extreme frustration spilling over into bloodshed and violence. There are signs the sophistication and organization of more radical elements (MRE) is growing every day. The Deep Web, or the Dark Web, makes it fairly easy for an organization to remain off the radar, but nonetheless highly organized. Able to suddenly put bodies in the field, at a pre-arranged time and location. With numerous apps making it increasingly possible to hide identity, there is intel to the effect that we shall see a much more violent and organized response to the capitulation to Islam as advocated and supported by the Triad. I regret that, and I oppose it, but I know it will happen.
My point is that Pegida and co should first off consolidate their numbers and their appeal. Don’t worry about being “ineffective”. Because the whole issue is going to continue to blow up anyway.

6) “Or rather our children and grandchildren will lose everything.”

I agree. I want to address this in another post.

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