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The Fuzlim Manifesto -Draft 1

Posted on February 13, 2016

The Fuzlim Manifesto DRAFT #1

I find myself on different websites, and in different emails, being asked the same questions, over and over again. To make it easier on everybody, I am launching this discussion document. You are cordially invited to review and critique. I suspect it will be one of those documents that grow. And grow. We’ll see. Meanwhile, here we go.

1) Definition of a “Fuzlim”.

This may seem tongue-in-cheek,but it does actually touch on an important issue. An article in the online Daily Mail today (UK section) (2/13/16) states that

“Most Muslims lead decent lives “.

Well, define “Muslim “.

If you vaguely define it as the ability to trace your ethnic roots back to an Islamic background, then yes, I probably agree that ‘many’ live decent lives. Hopefully, ‘most’.

However, if you define “Muslim ” in the narrow, literal sense of a follower TODAY of Muhammad, and a believer that he was a “prophet “, who partied with the Arch Angel Gabriel in a cave back in the early 7th century, then, NO, you are not living a decent life. You believe and support words that CLEARLY encourage or condone violence, intense hate and deceit, misogyny and child molestation, stealth conquest and intolerance. You are not civilized.
You are also a thundering liability to any PC indoctrinated, dangerously weak society that naively tries to embrace you. To distinguish between the two, and avoid confusion, I intend to use the phrase “Muslim “ in a mild sense (as in tracing back your roots) and “FUZLIM “ in referring to today’s brainwashed, intolerant, hate screaming nitwit.

I have Muslim friends, who are perfectly fine, work hard and raise their families. I have also encountered far too many ‘Fuzlims’ with their wild FUzzy beards, their FUndamental Koranic mania, and their “Islam will conquer the world ” pea-brained mentality. So let’s be careful not to condemn ALL Muslims. Many are just FINE. It’s the fruitcake ‘Fuzlims’ who will be furiously hating away in the front line of the coming multiple civil wars in Europe, which will explode out of ‘their areas ” and turn parts of Europe into LEBANON.

2) What do we think of Muhammad?

I know what I think. I think he was a vile sociopath. And a pedophile. In terms of bloodthirst, he ranks right up there with Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin. Muhammad was NO PROPHET. He was just a man. Not a nice one. He was a sadistic pervert, a child molesting, stealing, lying, slave owning, culture destroying, intolerant, rabid, sham-religious sicko. Who hijacked parts of the Jewish and Christian traditions he liked, and forced it into his so-called Religion. Historic contradictions and Time travel requirements (to make things work) included. Hanging out with good old arch angel Gabriel in a cave is just so much Tooth Fairy make-believe nonsense, calculated to make himself loyal fighter-followers. Islam needs an urgent REFORMATION. Let’s bring back compassion, gentleness, tolerance, humility, and a Real (not faked) respect for a Great Cosmic Kindness, that we mortal men will never fully or even remotely understand. Let’s get rid of superficial islamic “religiosity ” and ritualistic (meaningless) exterior facade playing, ostensibly ‘God’ orientated, but actually POWER and CONQUEST oriented extreme cultural fascism.

3) Why can’t we all just get along?

Nope. Why? Because the Fuzlims don’t want to. They want the West to bow its knee to their culture. Assimilation doesn’t feature in their thinking. It’s THEIR way or the highway. Their whole History since the early 7th century has revolved around stealth infiltration, lying, temporary treaties, and then, when the time was right, CONQUEST.
Needless to say, THEY blame it on the West. A separate discussion.

4) What’s so special about, say, Western Culture?

I’m amazed people can even ASK that question. If creeping stealth Shariah Law does not concern you, then I just wonder where you have been. Are you happy with women being FAR inferior than men? Being stoned for alleged adultery? The evidence of a woman who says she was raped is inadmissible, unless witnessed by two MEN? Thieves having their hands chopped off? The long list goes on. And on. Face it: Over the centuries, Muslims have persecuted Muslims in an orgy of bloodletting. They still do. Muslims have killed more Muslims than all non-Muslim invaders put together and multiplied many times over. Western Culture, for all its admitted failings, is far superior to the 7th century Fuzlim culture.

5) Are all Muslims bad people?

Of course not. I have many Muslim friends. But these are not Fundamental Fuzlims. They are as uncomfortable as we are with the Fuzlims and their never ending blood spilling and violent Jihad.

6) What do you think will happen in the future?

I know what I think. In the next ten to fifteen years, you will see increasing violence. The probability is a descent into multiple civil wars dotted across Western Europe. The Fuzlims will erupt out of their existing enclaves, and seek more territory. The de facto “No-Go zones” will become mini Caliphates, and will be governed by Shariah law, in sofar as that is not already the case. We know weapons are being smuggled in all the time, and Molenbeek, a district of Brussels, is already known as a weapons hot spot. We also know these weapons are being distributed around Europe, including the UK. We also know that the hard line Fuzlims are biding their time, and building their numbers. Intel shows many ‘refugees’ are Military age fighters, with battlefield experience. The guy who organized the terror attacks on Paris was one such fighter. The Fuzlims feel that they are achieving so much simply by presenting impotent Western authorities with the famous ‘fait accompli’ that there is -at present- no urgent need for overt violence. Ghaddafi pointed out this trend, and the possibility of Europe simply being taken over for Shariah law and the Muslim Caliphate without a shot being fired. If the Fuzlims can achieve this, and the signs are they are doing very well, then why even fight? But make no mistake, absolute take-over and subjecting native peoples to Shariah Law is still the number one priority.

7) What are the biggest obstacles to overcome, to fight the Islamization of Europe?

A) Weaklings. Appeasers. Academic morons. Quasi-Intellectual imbeciles. Those feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat them last. Dreamers. Utopian idealists. Well meaning folk, high on good intentions, and low on realism, experience, and street savvy. Too many ostriches. Leftist politicians like the British Labor Party, who cannot see beyond the next election. They just want the short term votes. They lack the vision, the education, the willingness, to look further ahead. Experts at kicking the Fuzlim can down the Shariah road.

B) Scoring own goals.
Unnecessary Violence makes it easy for the crocodile appeasers to portray patriots as “far right wing crackpots”. Skin heads, Nazi sympathizers, Ultra Nationalists, etc. If it comes to a bloody fight, down the road, one might have to at least have a dialogue with such groups. If I’m walking down a road in London, and I’m getting bricks thrown at my head by Fuzlim thugs, then I would not refuse the offer of an ugly looking Nazi who volunteered to deflect the brick. If things descend into chaos and violence, then there is no knowing exactly who one will be allied with. But for now, it should be realized that such unnecessary violence will be seized upon by those who wish to portray themselves as morally superior. Whilst they would angrily deny that their policy is to smooth the road for total Islamic take over down the road, the effect of their ostrich-like naivety is exactly that.

C) Mass grass roots support
I suspect that the ONLY road to success is if mass rallies take place in peace. A peace where you feel safe to bring your family. If a climate can be created, in which the weak politicians clearly see that there are many votes at stake.

D) One-sided Police actions
British Police seem useless and 100% tolerant when it comes to dealing with Fuzlim outrages. But if a Pegida or ‘Britain First’ foot soldier does ANYTHING, watch out…! There is a huge imbalance in response, and it appears British Police have orders to stamp out democratic protest. This appears to include denying native Britons their basic rights to march and protest, and even hand out leaflets. They can’t fight NUMBERS though.

E) Naivety and the Stockholm syndrome, Cologne Cowardice
Some people just won’t get it – ever. We are seeing people getting raped in Sweden, and STILL refusing to complain, or report these attacks. The bleeding heart do-gooder, it seems, will go to ANY length to inhabit those lofty clouds of moral superiority. The Mayor of Cologne instantly leaped to defend the migrants after the mass rape attacks on News Year Eve. Some of our opponents will NEVER get it. That’s it.

F) Extraordinary BIAS of the Media.

(to be continued) SmileyCam

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