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Posted on November 29, 2015

Howdy….! Bye

So far, we have THREE E-books published, and below follow links to the publisher’s site, as with some explanatory comments as to what sort of literary abuses and stylistic unmentionables you are likely to find there. Note: “ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS 4.5 is what you need to download for the best read. Fly (Windows wants you to download “Free Editor ” software, but I could not get that to work at all. It just showed one sentence at the top of each page, and the rest of the page blank) Usehead

MOGGY’S TUNA MANUAL (Moggy’s Tunaboat Helicopter Manual)

This was intended as a training aid and guide for newbie Tuna Helicopter Pilots. It was meant to help address the sky high accident rate world-wide. It is therefore in places somewhat ‘technical’. What has surprised us, over the fifteen odd years that MTM has been out, is how many ‘armchair’ pilots emailed to say how much they enjoyed it. Non-pilots, who had never touched a cyclic stick. In this book, we have therefore added a very basic section on how the helicopter controls work, and also a glossary, where you will find some of the terms explained, that people wrote in to ask about. It seems to appeal to people with a technical mindset, who have ‘always wanted to fly’ a whirlybird.

Note: Michael Rocks-McQueen is flying out there now, as of March 2016, and is making notes for a 2016 update. What’s changed, what’s not, tales and anecdotes from the dark Side. Speaking


This is written for everybody. Pilots, wives, mothers, sons, siblings. Psycho analysts, social workers, mental health experts, you name it. A collection of short stories, which deal with all sorts of adventures. Basically, based on Tuna Helicopter Flying, but also foreign cultures, people, moods, Mother Nature ( “All Our Mother “), the Universe, and a few ‘Darwin Award’ nominations.
The Editor did add the same basic section on how the helicopter controls work, and also the same glossary. But this is overwhelmingly non-technical. An easy read, so I’m told. Enjoy…!


Finally…! My second novel, “THE TUNA HUNTER “ is now published. That’s way too much work. I’m never, ever doing that again. Until the next time. It’s 109,000 words, so a big read. Lots of insane Hughes 500 helicopter flying scenes, based on 5 years flying off tuna boats. A mix between auto-bio and fiction. Mother Nature in all her fragile beauty, evil and violent forces at work, a gentle woman the hero falls in love with, and the Darkness of the Soul. I poured my little heart into this, so I sincerely hope you enjoy it.



The following books are in preparation for e-publishing

“Helicopters and Humans “

a collection of Helicopter related short stories, from all over the world, and not just flying the Tuna Fields

“Moggy’s Musings “

a collection of Helicopter related short stories, and a few poems, with a musing streak. Unashamedly questioning, wondering about the Universe, and puzzling about the Human Family.

“Jeremy’s War “

a novel, about a World War One open cockpit biplane fighter pilot.


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