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Alternative Reality – Moggyism Rising

Posted on October 6, 2015

Alternative Reality – Moggyism rising


I often resent Big Media.
I don’t think they do our society too many favors. Sure, they may wrap themselves in the mantle of righteousness and truth, bringing us vital information, with which to allegedly better our understanding of the world around us. Their faces (and their legs) occupy hundreds of millions upon millions of busy, flickering screens all over the world. Their sincerity, wit, wisdom and insight is beamed unwaveringly full into our faces -if we allow it- and the impact of their messages is -without a doubt- beyond powerful. They can do more than report the news. They can make it. Or, if you are of a more cynical disposition:

They can fake it.

From taking fire in helicopters, to stirring up racial hate where little existed before. From manufacturing grievances, from ignoring normality, to elevating the exception.
They can -and do- often fake it, and, what is worse, present a Reality that is harsh, materialistic, cynical, and lacking in humanity and compassion.


What is Life? Our Life, as we gaze at the stars, and wonder where our steady journey around the sun is taking us? Back to the same place in our solar orbit, after a year? No, for our Galaxy is moving. The Universe is expanding.

Where are we going? Why?

As the noise of Television fades away, the yakking heads, the intrusive advertisements, the appeals to consumerism… what do we find ourselves tuning in to? An alternative reality, perhaps. I, in my innocence and simplicity, fall back on a word I made up from my nickname. Many know me as “Moggy”, and the word I made up is “Moggyism”. I even checked it online just now, in the Urban Dictionary. It doesn’t exist. So, here we go:

“Moggyism” – defined

“A mindset pertaining to a form of internet blogging, which amply exhibits several or all of the following tendencies:

1. a cheerful disregard for conventional wisdom, coupled with a mischievous, anti-authoritarian streak
2. Zero claim to the possession of prior qualifications, education, experience or wisdom, that allegedly would make the blogger highly worthy of respect and admiration.
3. Simple, raw, unsophisticated honesty
4. a ‘Heinz 57- Moggy- mutt- alley cat’ willingness to survive in the concrete Cyber Space jungle, and feed from the trash cans of so-called Modernity. Knocking those same hallowed garbage cans over, on occasions, for the sheer unadulterated satisfaction of exposing smelly scraps.

Example: “Theresa has been blogging a lot recently, and you can sense her Moggyism rising”

Scribbling Moggy

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