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Steps on my Road -Tunnel Out #18- If at first you don’t succeed…

Posted on June 26, 2015

Tunnel Out #18 Speaking

If at first you don’t succeed…

YOU CAN ALWAYS BLOW UP ANOTHER ONE…!!! ClappingClappingClapping

I like to follow the antics of a certain guy, who is variously regarded as a visionary, a fruitcake, or a Professional Freeloader, gorging himself on hundreds of millions of dollars of Government and State happy handouts. What fascinates me is the audacity and the originality. From wanting to send a fully loaded greenhouse to Mars, (well, why not?), to wanting buy Russian Rockets off the Russians (well, you’d have a job buying them at the local flea market), to beating giants like Boeing and Lockheed at their own game (milking the nipples off the suffering tax payer, so many say), this character is blazing a path of mischief and destruction. I love it. We all have bad days, and BLOWING STUFF THE HELL UP must be a brilliant stress reliever.
Now you may well ask, why does this feature as “tunnel # 18” on a suicide prevention web page? What’s it got to do with choosing Life?
Everything, I maintain. Here, check out this video, and afterwards I’ll explain my reasoning for including this whammerooni “Oops!”

Cool, eh? Now I have included this video on the site today, Friday June 26th 2015, for the simple reason, that this quirky chappy is going to try it AGAIN this coming Sunday. And, frankly, there’s a whole bunch of us who can’t wait to see the next nail-biter. I’ll be watching it live, you can bet, sitting on the edge of my chair, uttering strange strangled noises, muttered invocations to the Almighty, and, generally, I shall be glued to my screen. Reason to live? Heck, yeah! And what ELSE is this Musk chappy going to entertain us with? You just KNOW he’s going to send that greenhouse to Mars, one day, and THAT I want to see. Tomatoes on Mars. Cucumbers and celery. The world’s on fire, but first things first, we gotta get that ripe melon to land softly beside the Face on Mars. Outstanding.

Stick around, folks, it’s gonna be another fun ride…

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