The Next Tank Man

Posted on November 29, 2014

The Next Tank Man

Who will be the Next Tank Man?

I don’t mean standing unarmed in front of advancing tanks, like that astonishingly brave young fellow in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, on that fateful day in June 1989.

I mean, who will be the next young person who stands up, and manages, by their raw courage, and their raw humility, to elevate the whole human race, just for a moment.

You? Why not?

Here’s a story I wrote in 2009. Celebrating my hero, the Tank Man. I often wondered what happened to him. Rumor was he was executed. We know the tank commander, who tried to drive around him, was disciplined and demoted.

Do you know that today, in China, very few people know the story of the Tank Man?

What does that tell us?

What dangers slide towards us, as power is usurped by fewer and fewer elitist totalitarians?

Do you care? I hope so. Very much.

Here’s my previous story…

The Tiananmen Square Massacre

I do know a young fellow I truly admire and love.

After you read the story above, I hope you will check out my local hero.

I intend to write about him too.

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