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Reality – worst game ever?

Posted on November 29, 2014

Reality – worst game ever?

Well, you knew I was going to poke a bit of fun at Cyberspace, didn’t you…?

Basically, it’s mostly good. I love Science. Technology. Space Exploration. SpaceX and Elon Musk. The Frontiers of Science.
But Reality is out there. You know, Real Place.

A couple of odd trends:

1) People from the same town, who know each other on Facebook, who “like ” and applaud each other’s posts, (seemingly enthusiastically), but who then PASS each other in the street with barely a cursory nod.

What’s that all about? Does the word “False ” come to mind? What are we doing here? Building up an idealized, perfect “Cyberspace Persona “, with hundreds of ‘Twitter’ followers? Huh? Twittering used to be something birds did…?

(I never could get into that Twitter thing)

Lots of admirers? Pretend relationships? Are we talking defense posturing here? Superficial Shallowness? A Mutually Agreed Admiration Society? Falsity? A Make-Believe World that somehow comforts?

2) Violent Video Games

Hey! This is the way Real Life works in the USA. You break the Law, you have a good chance of going to Jail. Real simple. Shooting people in the head, blowing them up, seeing them dissolve in violent bursts of blood and guts, listening to a constant litany of grunts and groans and howls…

what are we doing here…?

When the average teen is walking the streets, encountering “Reality “, how many cops has he shot dead? How many people has he run over? How many cars has he crashed at high speed, and walked away unscathed?

The Internet is really interesting, and used carefully, leads us to all sorts of opportunities for learning and personal development. YouTube features some brilliant, vivid ways of imagining the way the Planets were formed, the Stars were born, the way the Universe is unfolding, to this very day.

Used vicariously, used just for superficial thrills, it’s a waste of time.

Reality is what life’s all about. I just wonder what happens to people who get depressed, and start hiding. But don’t realize it, because they think they “have ” their friends in Cyberspace.

Cyberspace as a tool, used wisely, just like a telephone, can deepen relationships. But it can’t “replace ” real, feeling, touching, human warmth. A damn good cuddle when you’re feeling blue.

I think, anyway.

How you…?

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