It’s a LIE! Curiosity did NOT kill the cat!

Posted on November 26, 2014

It’s a LIE! Curiosity did NOT kill the Cat!

I’m not an Atheist. Far from it.
(I believe in “A Great Cosmic Kindness”)
At the same time, I’m not too impressed with a lot of “Organized Religion” either.
Put it this way, I would much rather walk with a committed Atheist, than listen to some condescending, sanctimonious, preachy, Holier-than-thou “saved ” Motherf#@k’r who insists on getting in my face.
I like to say I’m a “Seeker”. Seeker of the Truth. That leaves me free to listen to everybody’s point of view, whilst being non-threatening. I don’t have much of a dogmatic axe to grind. Having said that, I really enjoy a spirited discussion.
Many years ago, I had a Bank Manager who was a devout Catholic. He reported to me one day, with incredulous amazement, the observation of an Atheist friend of his.
The Manager had asked the Atheist this question:

“If you don’t believe at all in God, why do you stay living? I’d KILL myself!? What possible reason could you have to stick around if you truly don’t believe in God…?”

To which the Atheist replied, with a smile:

“Oh, the answer to that question is EASY…”

And the Manager said: “WHAT…!?”

The Atheist replied: “Curiosity…” Applaud

I laughed! Excellent reply. I endorse the mental attitude.

Curiosity did NOT Kill the cat. It’s a noble motive. I recommend it.

On Curiosity

I believe we should always push our tiny minds, as hard as we can. Regardless.

The Burning Soldier (5) – “Silent Warrior “

Diary (1) “Over the waves, alone “

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