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We know very little – much is hidden

Posted on November 25, 2014

We know very little – much is hidden

The world is full, as Carl Sagan said, of “confident religions “. Lots of Holy Men, Gurus, both religious and secular, spouting forth about everything (Religion, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Multi-culturalism, Football) with an unswerving authority, based on this book, that text, the other ideology, or some kind of supposedly Divine revelation. They, of course, are right, and if you, you dumb schmuck, don’t fully agree, then you are doomed, lost, an infidel, or a Keynesian Democrat. Oh, and you can (of course) subscribe here and here, and make a donation+++

Yeah, right. Me, I prefer the simpleton approach. I FEEL a bunch of stuff, I SENSE there is a whole lot more going on, I BELIEVE actions have consequences, but I’m happiest declaring myself a SEEKER. I seek the Truth. And I suspect the truth is a bit much for my tiny mind, so I approach the subject with a cautious respect. This is also a stepping stone. Hey, I don’t know much. But I’m curious. Mind open.

I blog lots about this.

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My buddy “Wild Bill ” (author of “Rotor Trash “) has a totally-different-yet-similar outlook on a lot of this. Whereas I am more cautious perhaps, very, very slow to trust ANY man made interpretation, Bill has a lot to offer with his differing views.

Bill says:

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I’ve always loved friends of the Way
friends of the Way I’ve always held dear
meeting a traveler with a silent spring
or greeting a guest talking Zen
talking of the unseen on a moonlit night
searching for truth until dawn
when ten thousand reasons disappear
and we finally see who we are

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