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Compassion/Feeling is not weakness

Posted on November 25, 2014

Compassion/Feeling is not weakness

How many people stumble over that one? Hey, isn’t our society WELDED into the concept of “Tough “? Dirty Harry?
“Make my day, punk! “
Violent video games, nasty, sadistic stuff, and it is any wonder that the best among our young people suffer mightily for their feelings? It needs saying again:

Compassion/Feeling is not weakness

Far from it. A society that loses sight of that truth, is a society in trouble indeed. There is a saying: “A man is not a man, until he has wept in sorrow “. It’s probably a very true statement, I’d say.

I blog about it. Not that I’m Mother Theresa, believe me. I know how to be an insensitive sumbitch as well. I specialize in egocentricity. The world revolves around… Me. Right? But I often try. Heck, I try.

Here’s a scribble that features maybe a tad of compassion.

A Blip on the Radar (14) “On holding hands, and smoking pot “

And here is one of those YouTube videos you come across, which is beautifully crafted.
It makes you think, as we often should: “And I think I have problems? Hell, I don’t have problems. Only opportunities. Look at these folk… THEY have problems.

That video was kind of dark, so here is one that is… well, light? Restores your faith in humanity.

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