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Space Ship Earth

Posted on November 25, 2014

Space Ship Earth

Without a doubt, this photo of hands, gently cupping the fragile “Pale Blue Dot”, is deeply touching to many of us. We see planet Earth as beautiful, threatened, fragile, resilient (despite Man), and simply awe inspiring. If you have a philosophical bend, you might like to ask yourself WHOSE HANDS are offering you that brilliant globe? Maybe it is your Father, or the Creator, or some Great Cosmic Kindness. The question might be if this Life was in fact a wonderful gift to you, or some great tribulation, that you never wanted in the first place. And you don’t want now. These are questions only you can answer.

When we get depressed, we little souls tend to look “down and in “. Sometimes, we look in deeper and deeper, and we end up skirting the drain. Faster, and faster. Caution. It is a self accelerating phenomenon. Instead of looking up and out, we start looking in, and the ‘windows of the soul’ start closing over. The shutters go on. Not good…

At times like that, when all is black, when Life is pointless and absurd, when the wanton cruelty and destruction inflicted by Man just sickens us, many of us try and look UP. We look at the stars at night. My mother often recited to me a wise old adage:

“Two men looked out through prison bars,
One saw mud,
And one saw stars…”

Earth is so amazing. I have flown over it all over the world. It never ceases to fascinate me. I have tried, in my own little way, to blog about those feelings.
Here’s some stories in which you will see my tiny mind hard at work. Struggling, the way I do, to make sense of it all. These are hyperlinks, so you can click on any title, and it will go straight there.

Of Helicopters and Humans (28) – “Beauty and the Wind “

A Blip on the Radar (part 11) – “Plastic, War, and Manta Rays “

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