List of possible Stepping Stones Across

Posted on November 25, 2014

THE STREAM              last update: 2/29/16   step # 18   Imagine Time is Funky, and Jesus might be possible – one day

A Decision to be made

List of possible Stepping Stones Across   –   pick any one    Fly

1)    Space Ship Earth              Take me there  


2)    Compassion/feeling is not weakness.   Take me there

3)  We know very little – much is hidden       Take me there

4) The wood cries out to the chisel      Take me there

5) To err is human, to keep on having to forgive is a pain in the neck         Take me there

6) Money is everything – right?          Take me there

7) The Illusion of Permanence            Take me there  

8)   One door closes, invariably, another one opens             Take me there  

9)  It’s a F@#k’n!! LIE. Curiosity did NOT kill the cat!           Take me there  

10)  Ain’t nuthin’ cooler than an OLD DOG learning NEW TRICKS         Take me there  

11)  All puffed up                          Take me there  

12)  Be your own Helicopter                  Take me there  

13) Is there a message in the bottle?                 Take me there  

14)   Beware of Mirrors                               Take me there  

15)  "Amongst White Clouds"  –   For a totally different world view, here’s a video meant to stimulate thinking.
This is totally irrelevant to our Modern Society, right? Right…?? Um.

         Take me there   

16)  Question: do we tend to maybe look UP the ladder all the time?         Take me there   

17)  Forgiveness of Self        Take me there

How hard are we on our selves? If a friend addressed us in the manner in which we address ourselves sometimes, how long would we keep that person as a friend? Why so harsh? Why do people who find it in themselves to be compassionate towards the Universe, compassionate towards others, why… do they sometimes find it so hard to extend even a modicum of that compassion towards themselves?

18) Imagine Time is funky, and Jesus might be possible – one day     Take me there  

19)  Embrace the yearning         Take me there

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