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Posted on November 25, 2014


“Choose Life – come join the funky people ” Speaking

“I am a child of the Universe, and I am loved ” Fly

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My name is Francis, nickname ‘Moggy’.
Who I am, doesn’t really matter. It’s who YOU are, that matters. And, maybe, WHERE you are at. In the short space of a terrible three weeks, I was touched by two suicides. First, my brother-in-law, at 48 years old. A complete shock. And then, barely three weeks later, devastatingly, my son, Angus, at age 24.
Suicide is a silent epidemic. The statistics are frightening. One every 40 seconds. Projected to be one every 20 seconds by 2020. Worse than homicide. Worse than AIDS.

I’m not very bright. I’ve proven that to myself over and over again. In my defense, I mean well. So, in my usual gormless way, ham fisted and blundering, the proverbial bull-on-roller-skates in a China Shop, I decided to wade in where angels (wisely) fear to tread. I do that a lot. I scribble and blog all over the place. Does it help? That’s for others to answer. Does it help me?
Uh-huh. It vents my little soul. It helps me blow out the Darkness. And welcome in the Light. So bear with me, while I try and arrange my thoughts. Like I said, it takes me a while. Oh, and, note, the Great InterGlob is full of hypocrisy, shallowness, sham tears, baloney and appeals for money. People selling shite. Snake Oil and sham pearls. Guess what, I ain’t selling nuthin’. Keep yer feckin’ money. Let’s just say that up front.

So, I propose to deal with the societal issue of suicide. Head on. Am I qualified? In the academic sense, nope. I’m a restless, world wandering helicopter jockey. Just a nut, hanging under a nut. (BIG nut, though) Am I qualified in any other sense? Again, I’ll let you decide that, after you’ve maybe walked with me for a while. Did I ever attempt suicide? No, never. Has there been Darkness along the Way? Surely. But I’m a survivor. Very simply put: I love Life. And you, no matter where you are at, you are a child of the Universe. You are loved, believe me.


I WANT YOU… to Contribute YOUR input & YOUR steps…! Write for us, and take part in this project…!

Many of us feel that this world is becoming a tougher and tougher place, especially for feeling young people to grow up in. There are reasons for that, and we will go into those along the way. So what’s going on? It’s like some of our best and brightest people are losing the will to fight. The people we all love, and need. The Questions keep you awake. What can we do about it? Well, something, dammit. How about one simple DETERMINED step at a time. That’s how the longest journey starts, every time. Right?

Primarily now, if you’re feeling a bit down, I would like to offer you some cheering up. Let me try anyway. You have a choice between two images. You can choose whichever one you like best. You will do that by selecting the button of your choice below.
In this first image, I am going to try and paint for you a scene, where you are standing alone, on a grassy bank, at the edge of a rushing stream.

It’s up to you if you want to imagine that stream to be smooth flowing, or a raging torrent.

It can be a river, if you like.

With that picture forming in your mind, I am now going to ask you to add something really important.
Firstly, from where you are now, there’s no escape from this simple fact:

you realize you need to cross that river or stream.

There is a reason you need to get to the other side.

Secondly, I ask you to imagine that you know that the water is deep. You could drown there. Get swept away.

What I would like to do, at the risk of sounding presumptuous, is to offer you some stepping stones. You can use these stones, if you step carefully, to safely get to the other side. I have a bunch of what I think would make good stepping stones for you. You don’t need them all. You can jump, so you maybe only need one or two…

For the second image, if you prefer that one, we are going to paint for you a scene, where you are sitting alone, in a deep, dark, underground cave. Here you go.

There is very little light down there. You have been in that cave for a long time, and you are wondering if it’s time to maybe, just maybe, climb out into the sun light. You know there are supposed to be some tunnels there, but you are not sure if they lead out of that cave or not.

However, you know that if you see actual light at the end of that tunnel, then that one WILL take you out into the sun shine.

So now I am going to ask you to choose whichever image you feel is the best. You can do that by selecting “Take me there ” beside the image of your choice. (if you want to continue listening to the music of the video above, then leave this page open, open a second browser, and start again, or the music stops) (or click HERE for other music).

Please make your choice now, and we will take you to the next section…

Just humor me. I’m enjoying your company. Worship


Interactive: A) best image is “STREAM” Take me there.

Interactive: B) best image is “DARK CAVE” Take me there.

Never quit. Never, ever, quit.

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First Introduction Attempt (Not quite right…)

Second Introduction Attempt (well, better… Sort of…)

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