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Some CNN presenters need a damn good smacking

Posted on October 25, 2014

Some CNN Presenters need a damn good smacking

What IS IT with these dopey presenters? Look at that smarmy (sad shake of the head) pre-judging of the video you are about to see. Isn’t it awful? Those BAD, BAD cops. Those poor people. Dear, dear. That should be a law suit, eh? A Hunnered thousand? Quarter million? Half?

This was the furious comment I posted on YOUTUBE.

“Pitiful. 1) CAR PASSENGERS, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? You brought that entirely upon yourselves. You surely KNOW cops are getting shot dead in routine traffic stops like that. DO NOT start grabbing in a bag! Just SHOW your hands, and cooperate. NOTHING would have happened to you if you had demonstrated the tiniest bit of intelligence and common sense. But no, you had to show your moron level I.Q. I am a compassionate person, but I have zero sympathy for you. Dumb, dumb and dumb.

SAY: “That’s okay then, don’t get out, off you jolly well go?? ” How are they ever going to get anybody to cooperate if that got around? They don’t know who you are. Or what you’re hiding.

And what makes me sick is you CNN brainless presenter dolls would be the first to dial 9-1-1 and scream for a nice, big, burly cop to run warp speed to YOUR rescue. Hypocrites and hate stirrers. Get real, daft people! 3) ATTORNEY: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??? LUST FOR MONEY AGAIN?? SUE THE COPS?? THINK YOU ARE DOING SOCIETY A FAVOR?? THINK AGAIN, YOU PAID LIARS++++ “

That’s MY take on it.

What IS IT with these sustained, relentless, LEFTIE-LOONEY MEDIA ASSAULT ON our COPS?? Why are you so hell bent on making their already difficult and dangerous job more so?? ?You want to try being a cop?? No, I didn’t think so!? As if your blatantly distorted, race and hysteria inflaming awesomely biased coverage of the Ferguson debacle wasn’t bad enough, on you rush with this blatant smearing of some cops just doing their jobs.

I really would like to communicate clearly to you unbelievably DENSE and SHALLOW ladies, car driver, presenter (all sad), and attorney (all comforting, “we’re gonna fix this for you “) that you elevate HYPOCRISY to an ART FORM.

And whilst stirring as much shit as you can, for ratings, for money, for compensation, for sympathy (Boo-hoo!), for Media Exposure, you are PART OF THE PROBLEM. Not PART OF THE SOLUTION. I hope somebody breaks into your house, or tries to attack you, and I hope you dial 9-1-1 in a blubbering panic, wanting a COP, and I hope the same cops in this video are the good guys who come and save your pretty little, outstandingly DUMB heads.

If a rapist breaks into your bedroom, what do you want to turn up? In a hurry? A nice little, bespectacled, totally politically correct, soft spoken Law Enforcement Guidance Advisor/Counselor, humming Peace and Goodwill to all Men? Or do you want the biggest, meanest, toughest cop with the hardest cajones in the Precinct?? I guarantee you’ll want a REAL COP, who doesn’t mess about.

This has NOTHING to do with RACE. If the occupants had been white, or brown, or yellow, or frickin’ ORANGE-WITH-PURPLE-FUK’N-POLKA-DOTS the cops would STILL have had no choice but to proceed as they did. This has nothing to do with RACE. This has everything to do with TWENTY-FOUR-CARAT PURE STUPID.

Get a grip. We need our good guys more than ever, and if you haven’t figured that out yet, you will, one day, soon.


Yep, I feel better now.

Francis Meyrick



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