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Diary 3/6/2014 “The Funky Chicken “

Posted on March 6, 2014

Diary, March 6, 2014

05.30 am

Yippee! I’m still alive. This is fun. And already I’ve lobbed another graffiti-inspired Blob into long-suffering, Blob strewn Cyberspace. This certified aerosol-carrying (as opposed to card-carrying) member of the No-Party has amused himself by picking on one of his favorite targets. Missy Hillary “The Benghazi Bimbo” Clinton. The Liberal Media’s heavily made up Heroine. She needs it. There’s a photo of that ridiculous person, on Fox News showing her giving out (what? Candy? Soup? Something useful?) (hell, no) ANOTHER SPEECH. This time, jumping on the bandwagon, “Get out of Crimea”. It’s Hillary in a “I saw it all coming” and “Putin is a Nazi” and “I am the defender of Freedom” mode. The full, thundering, I-am-the-savior-of-the-Western-World and Mad-as-Hell Indignant Look. It was too much for me. Aerosol in trembling hand, I indulged myself:

(Yawn) Caution: “Overgrown Cheerleader at work “. Or: “Intellectual Mutton masquerading as Lamb “. She’s just playing to the gallery. As always. Playing politics. The “Benghazi Bimbo ” has never been known for her interest in (or grasp of) History or Free Enterprise Economics. Seeing what way the wind blows with the fickle American voting public, she’s looking for the Rah-rah-rah factor. Just another radical left wing, Big Grabbermint, Tax & Fritter Away, Blow-Hard, Narcissistic Opportunist. Voters who think she will defend Freedom are sadly delusional. But likely enough in plentiful supply… Whatever it takes, Mrs Clinton wants to change the wallpaper in the White House…

Was that unkind? I think so. I think it monstrously unkind. And deeply satisfying. Eighteen up-votes already. And one reply” “LOL”. I’m bad. Enjoying my own graffiti blobs. Sad-sad-sad. Noooo

I change mental pace. It’s not good to start the day in Negative Mood. Jumping on the InterBlob, and then getting all mad. Hummm…
I turn up a poem in a poetry book. “In such hard times”. The poetry of Wei Ying-wu. Good old boy. Great, feeling human. Living and writing in times, that in Life Essence, were not so different from today. Here’s one I like:

Stuck in an office all year
I left the city for the wide-open dawn
Where willow catkins soothed the wind
And blue mountains stilled my cares
Where everything green put me at ease
Where I followed a stream and followed it back
Where a light rain covered a flowering plain
And spring doves were calling unseen
I keep suppressing my love of seclusion
I’m invariably busy at work
But someday I’ll retire and build a hut here
To be like Old T’ao would be sweet.

Is that neat, or what? Written in A.D.779 !! (Wei was a minor official in local Chinese Government)
Nothing fundamentally changes for us silly humans. We should laugh more at ourselves, and our silly delusions of grandeur. Our most silly vanities and ambitions.
(Note: Old T’ao being a poet who extolled country living and became a model for all those who aspired to non-urban alternatives)
I think I know just how he feels. Too busy to be un-busy. Too tunnel-visioned. Too microscopically focused. Too “frantically rushing about” to HUMMMMM… enjoy the ride, Brother. The RIDE.

On this funky planet, dancing which dance? I ask you?

Ahh… The funky chicken dance, what else…?


Francis Meyrick


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