These claws unkind, inside my mind

Posted on January 19, 2014


Too much to bear
Thoughts everywhere
The flash and clack
The cyber whack
these claws unkind                       
Inside my mind.

Sometimes I wish
For a simple dish
Just wander and read
And only heed
the quiet whirring
of thoughts stirring.  

It would perhaps
Be a total collapse
Of my rickety walk
My foolish talk
My feigning bluster
So lackluster

And all the clash
The race and dash
The myriad rush
I could suddenly flush
Down and out                                        
With a cheerful shout.

All dead and away
No more to sway
My mind grown dull                
And far too full
Of trivial shite
And ponderous Right.


Could I confide
In the gentle side?
And perhaps then stroll
Where the green fields roll
Where the sea gulls call
And the grey rocks fall…?

Old houses there
Long tumbled down
Remind me where
I saw you frown.
Too black my soul
Too serious my goal.

I giggled then
And threw my pen
I heard your call
and stripped it all
And chased and sought               
And rolled and fought.       

I remember still your laughing tears
And even after all these years
I see your black hair, wild and free
Tumbling, loving, all over me.

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