Francis Meyrick

Into this rushing, cyber world

Posted on January 19, 2014


Into this rushing, cyber world,
Helter skelter, I got hurled,
Screaming like a new born mite
Plummeting out into day light.

Computers and the World Wide Worry
An Arachnid, charging, frantic flurry
Flashing pop-pops in my face
Vying for my mental space.

Is there also plenty hid
Concealed beneath an encrypted lid
Is their agenda on the grid
Open to the highest bid?

But how we crave that needle click
Surfing with a Gigga stick
Taking our particular Byte
Tripping out with all our might.

Smoking Spiders, bots and ghouls
Mesmerizing junk food rules
Facebook and a slice of Spam
Rush and grab it while you can.

Media Moguls plan the beat
Boob tubes flash the latest tweet
Talking heads point out our way
Marching minions in their sway

I didn’t ask for all this noise
The falsity, faint prose and poise
Delusions of a superior mind
Towering over all mankind

I’m really just a dreamy dolt
Not exactly a lightning bolt
Wishing only for my lot
A quiet, mellow, thoughtful spot.

All that I think I try to say
In my fumbling, halting way,
I wonder if this frantic pace
Elevates our human race.

I’ll come around, from time to time
Fill the slot with my worn dime
Play the juke box with some zeal
Pretend it’s all a pukka deal.

But somewhere in my tiny mind
And I don’t mean to be unkind,
I crave a refuge, hidden, still
Away from Man and all his ill.

If I could travel past our Sun
beating Light and having fun
Would I turn around a lot
To ponder, wistful, our Blue Dot?

Or would I be content to stray
Far beyond the Milky Way
And never wish to hear again
This strange cacophony of Men.


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