Diary 9/15/2013 The Kid in the Candy Store

Posted on October 12, 2013

Diary 9/15/2013

The Kid in the Candy Store

Given the Enormity of the Universe, the Immensity of Time, the Stunning-ness of Life, I am conscious of a slight hiccup in the Eternal Proceedings.
Moi. Bye
The obtuse one. Good-looking, charming, modest, but definitely a limited blip in the Universe. A very momentary blip. A sort of incidental, flash-in-the-pan “Hey! Play that again, Sam! Did I miss that speck? Was that Francis? Nope. There he goes! Oops. There he… went.” type of blip.
Kind of almost embarrassing. Or funny. If you have that sort of warped Irish humor.
Given the amount of raw knowledge Out There, tons and tons of it, like the sciences that really matter, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Geography, Geology, Micro-Biology, Particle Physics, and American Football, it’s astounding how much I know. That I don’t know. Much.
There’s me, proudly holding up a grain of sand. That represents all My Knowledge. All I know. Gained through a Life of Work, Play, Study, Reading, falling down, getting back up, falling down again, getting up, lying down… hey, I’m proud of my little grain of sand. And I don’t need some Smart Ass Spirit to come along, cough politely, tap me on the shoulder, and point to all the sandy beaches of all the Oceans on all the planets in our entire Universe. I don’t CARE. I KNOW there’s more grains out there. A couple more. But I got MINE, Dammit. So LISTEN to me, ya hear??
And then you run into History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Spirituality, Religion, and Loud Motorcycles (like mine), and it’s once again intriguing to me how vast my knowledge stores are. Not.
A guy can be forgiven for pondering the stars at night, and wondering really deep, intensely spiritual, yearning thoughts.
Like: “Dude! What the F@#!!K is going on out there??”
And in the midst of all that pondering and puzzling, along comes the unflinching face of President Assad of Syria on Television. Him of the chemical genocide committed on his own people. His OWN people?? Yep, sounds like a swell guy. Let’s let him off with it, because if he’ll do that to his own people, there is no worry that he’ll ever do it to us. That’s logical, right? We have no American interests there. Course not. And if Iran and North Korea want to help him get nukes, that’s fine too, because his wife is a real swell lady, who publishes her charity work on the Internet. It’s okay. I’m all good with that.

What impresses me about all the yakkety-yak-yak talking heads on television, and the unyielding, unflinching, unabashed bluff poker expressions on smug little faces like that of President Assad of Syria, (just another in a long row of savage butchers of Humanity who will proudly take his place in History alongside Pol Pot, Hitler, Attilla the Hun and the creators of Violent Video Games), is their seeming total self assurance. Either they are brilliant minds, who are so far ahead of me that it’s not even a race, or they are truly the Ying of my Yang. Meaning that they are so far out in my left field, that I am totally in awe how you can be so completely convinced of your own wisdom and righteousness. We see you as a mean, vicious, pompous, shallow, murderous thug. And you see yourself as the Excellentissimo Presidento of the Great State of Your Tiny Mind? You see yourself as so incredibly qualified and full of knowledge, and we see you as a silly ass mouthing off on the Gogglebox? What prompts you to think for even a second that you know anything much, never mind knowing it all?

I just feel like a kid in the Candy Store. Life is a gift. Incredibly short. Fleeting. A puff of wind. Yes Here this second, gone the next. But what a Candy Store! It’s a fascinating place to be for a kid like me. There is so much to learn and explore and taste and experience. All I see is rows and rows and rooms full of brightly packaged containers. I’ll never in a million kid lives ever even getting around to opening all those exciting boxes. Never mind tasting all the gooey stuff inside. And knowing what it’s made of. Finding out if it’s good for you or not. It’s not going to happen. There is way too much candy. Candy for the mind. Candy for the Spirit. Knowledge and Understanding in a wrapper.
But I sure am enjoying walking down those aisles. Trying this box. Opening that one. Digging into yet another one. Dreaming of exploring what’s up on those shelves. Can’t wait.

Is there a God? A Universal Life Force? A strange interlinked, interwoven matrix? A fragile interdependence of all Life Forms? Does a sparrow fall to the ground, and meaningfully disturb that Force? Do the likes of Assad the Murderous Thug set the whole Human Race back? Each and every one of us? Do the gentle folk, the unsung heroes, who go about their daily business quietly and diligently, share a Universal Human Bond that exists on a far higher level than we can discern?

I think so. And the exploration of these questions makes me a kid in the Candy Store. I’ll never even begin to experience it all. Know what’s in all the boxes. Know all the ingredients. I’ll never make more than a tiny scratch in the bark of the Tree of Life.
But heck, it’s interesting. Endlessly fascinating. All those boxes waiting to be opened and examined by my little kiddy fingers? Probed by my little kiddy mind?

What’s in that box…? Fly

Francis Meyrick

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