And the Lone Marine salutes…

Posted on October 12, 2013

And the Lone Marine salutes

(A Distant Theme, despite little Barry Oh-Blah-Ma and his compliant clique.
On the Occasion of the October 2013 Government Pretend Shutdown – Can we have some more, Please?) |Frown

Despite it all, there is a Purpose.
Behind all this Endless Madness. Behind this immature vanity. This unbridled, greedy, self centered Narcissism. This short term one-upmanship, despite the long term consequences. Rome is burning, and Emperor Nero is basking in his Magnificence, and goofing off playing Golf. Again.

And the lone Marine salutes the Small, Small man.

It’s like a Brilliant Music Score, that persists in making itself heard – haltingly, feebly, but irrepressibly – above the ambient static. The harsh, obscene, discordant notes trumpeted relentlessly by bigoted race hate mongerers, like Eric “Furious” Holder, the “reverend” (ha!) Al Sharpton, self proclaimed follower of Jesus, (really?) and Jesse “gimme another $$” Jackson & Son. Hallelujah, brothers! Pass the collection plate. We’re gonna save the poor oppressed blacks, and never spend a thought for ourselves. Sob. Or a penny. That’s why we’re in jail. Because of white racist oppression. Not because we are just one more sleazy, convicted crook in a long, long stream of hopelessly corrupt black and white and brown sleazy politician-crooks. Who worship on the altars of their Almighty Dollar, and their Almighty Self-Image, and not their incidental Almighty God. You guys inject more recruits into the ranks of Dedicated Atheism by your actions and words than any amount of Atheist propaganda ever could. Serving Jesus? Don’t make me sick. Remember the Money Lenders in the Temple?
Despite Untouchable Harry “I have made millions systematically and cynically screwing the system” Reid. Despite the bigotry, hypocrisy, and vanity that his tiny mind and shriveled soul injects, reliably as a boil on a crooked big toe, into this nation’s Tabloid Non-Reality, I still have Hope.
Despite Madame Nancy Pelosi, and her long, preening hours in the make up room (you need it) whenever there is a chance of posturing yourself on the Great GoggleBox, and indulging in your boundless Grand Persona. Complete with your offshore tax havens, your multi millionaire hubby, and his faceless toiling minions.
But I still have Hope. I still hear that distant, Brilliant Music Score. Struggling to come through. Ephemeral, longing, purifying, immensely uplifting.
Despite Hillary “Don’t bother me with Economic facts and History” Clinton. The world’s oldest, overgrown Cheerleader. Totally past her sell date. Just another shallow, clichĂ© talking, Left leaning rabid Socialist armed with more of the same. With a pathological need to be cheered and admired, and fussed over. Whom nobody in their right minds, armed with the right (inconvenient) facts, will ever accuse of being a book worm or (worse!) an Economist. But never worry, Missy Hillary in her owns words, knows when lower tax rates are not “fair”. And don’t bother her with reams and reams of economic data going back decades, proving that reduced taxes and reduced Big Grabbermint leads to more economic activity, hence MORE tax receipts for the Fed! Even hubby “Do you wanna see my Big Dick?” Bill, not exactly a visionary, moral giant or an intellectual genius, understood that fact. Duh! Sort of. But to approach any level of understanding would require Missy Hillary to do some serious leg work. Open books. Ask questions. Admit she doesn’t know it all.
No chance…

Rome is burning, and Emperor Nero is basking in his Magnificence, and goofing off playing Golf. His would-be successors are already jostling shamelessly to get the best position in front of the compliant cameras. The false Media Circus, bought and paid for, spineless and compliant, scrupulously avoids the tough questions.

And the lone Marine salutes the Small, Small Man.
He is well aware of the thinly veiled contempt, but carries on regardless. His is not to ask for ‘why’.

His is just to dream and die.

* * * * *

We zoom out. Out. Out further. Past our inner planets. Past Neptune. Past Jupiter. Further. We leave our Solar System, and then we stop. And turn around. In the Quiet, Empty, Energy filled, Void of Space, we look back at our Home Planet. It is a minute pin prick of light. All Man’s Vanity seems laughably absurd now, his self preening Narcissism seems childish. Here, in our new Place of Abode, far from the clamoring hordes of Gogglebox Groupies, far from the hate, and the bitterness, and the partisan rancor, we listen only to the Silence. After a Day, or was it a Month? Perhaps a year. A century? Or was it 10,000 Earth Years? Either way, it was just a brief flash in Time. A tiny moment in the Universe. After a tiny Interlude, we thought again. And we found ourselves stating 7 points of Belief. We stated these 7 points only for ourselves. Not to convert, or preach, or convince, or proselytize, or bask in attention. Just a note to Self. A memo. An entry on a Jotter. Passing, trivial. The limited conclusions of an inconsequential, one hundred per cent mortal Life Species off Planet 36777Alpha Sigma Centaurus Gamma 354.

Which one? Oh, you mean the blue one, with those primitive, warring tribes? Savage lot, aren’t they? Those are the ones who have elevated environmental degradation to some kind of Art Form, right? I remember the Report. Pity. What a waste of a Good Planet. Have they even emerged from the Potential Self Annihilation Stage? No? I didn’t think so. Yes, we’ve been monitoring them for just a very short while. They have only just barely begun exploring their local moon, correct? Nobody is that interested in them. They are just so boring, predictable, violent and absurd. We’ll probably just leave them to it for another 10,000 of their Solar Rotations, and then send another probe. See if they are still there. We have our doubts…
Intervention? That was suggested a while back. But the Council concluded it would be futile. They are essentially a very short-lived species, prone to aggravated self delusions. Their leaders, with few exceptions, seem morally very weak, and are prone to succumbing to simple human weaknesses. Their followers seem so often to be mindless, and simple in their belief systems. It was concluded that any type of intervention or assistance would cause massive upheaval and instability. Quite apart from the valid question if these weak leaders could be trusted with expanded knowledge. It appears that each and every stage of technological advancement of these simple creatures is immediately put to negative use. For purposes that can only be described as selfish, or even destructive, murderous use.
Exceptions? Yes, there are those. They have a rudimentary, simple, but steadily evolving, planet wide mind-link system. It is far from being available to everyone, and it is, as previously mentioned, heavily used for corrupt and meaningless purposes, but through it, we are able to easily monitor the wide variety of input. There are those who mean well, in their own limited way.

* * * * *

And the Lone Marine salutes the Small, Small man.
He is well aware of the thinly veiled contempt, but carries on regardless. His is not to ask for ‘why’.
His… is just to dream and fly. To soar. Through the endless Universe, on an endless quest, wide eyed and in awe.
Grateful beyond mere words for the Supreme Gift of Life.
Despite it all, there is a High, High Purpose.

And I still have Hope. In part, because of men like him.

Francis Meyrick

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