Francis Meyrick

Peak Awareness

Posted on June 16, 2013

Peak Awareness

Standing on this craggy peak, high above the valley floor, alone, buffeted by the wind, I stretch out my arms to you.
I strain for you.
I reach for you, on tip toes.
I ache for you.

I know your Love. I feel it. I sense your touch.

The sun shines on me. The wind playfully ruffles my hair. The mountains stand witness. Overhead, eagles soar, and the vast expanse of Sky bears testimony. I can see for fifty miles.

I hesitate what to call you.
Do I call you Teacher? Jesus? Lord? Master? God? Allah? Jehovah?

None of the above!?

What then?

I strain to listen. I shut my eyes with the intensity.
For a long time, there is Silence. I trust you. If you will not speak, I will wait. I am patient. I know my place. I am small. I am limited. I trust you. I would like to know what to call you, but it does not matter. I can get by, not knowing.

I will depart now. It’s a long hike down this mountain. I would like to stay here with you, on this mountain. I would like to prolong this exquisite moment. This heartfelt longing. This sense of closeness. This sense of Peace. If I could, I would stay here with you forever. Just to be in your Presence. But I must go. Grateful for the Silence. Grateful for the Enormity I sense.

I will go now.
I shall take with me the word I feel impressed upon my heart.
The word I had not thought of.
Until this moment.

Yes. That is what I shall call you. From now on.

My Friend…

Francis Meyrick

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