Francis Meyrick

A Scribbling Fool

Posted on July 6, 2012

A Scribbling Fool

A satire to mark the occasion of Obama’s cowardly “Executive Order”, protecting the bumbling Eric Holder,in the wake of the “Fast and Furious” gun running fiasco and blatant cover up)

The world is full of highly smart
Practitioners of Government Art,
The folk who wield a mighty pen (?) Speaking
And know much more than other men (??) Speaking
Their voices carry on the box
And knock us off our little socks,
Their verdicts rain on frailer souls
Their ethics set the highest goals, Laughing Laughing Laughing
This staunch elite lectures all
About the Democratic call
Obama knows what is best
For HIS VOTERS (and the rest).
We should salute, and meekly play
Along with everything they say
and goose step smartly to the band
onward to the Promised Land.
But I, alas, don’t like their rule,
For I am just a scribbling fool.

I like to doodle on the wall
And leave my poetry in the hall
I have to try some opening line
Before I taste a fine French wine
I’m sure I’ll pen some catchy verse
The day they drop me in the hearse.
I’ve scribbled on the toilet door
And penned a satire on the floor
I’ve worried people on a train
Because I hummed a quaint refrain
A rebel song that told a tale
Of Liberty and guns and ale.

Freedom means I stand up tall
I work, I sweat, I sometimes fall
But always I will try and stand
Behind the line drawn in the sand.
Go burn the timbers of this ship
Or breach her with a gaping hole
Although It be her final trip
You’ll never quench her soul.

Don’t give me wealth that others earn
Don’t tell me that you need my vote.
I belong to those who coldly spurn
Your fancy speeches learned by rote.
Your teleprompter may impress
Those simpletons who’ll never guess
The self adoring haughty streams
Of delusional and dangerous dreams.

Your dismissive views of God and Man
Your grandly false Big Brother Plan
All convince me your defeat
Would be the perfect autumn treat.

So “Present!” is our mocking shout
But from us it carries clout
We’ll fight you tooth and gnarled nail
Ship Liberty… has now set sail.

Francis Meyrick

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