Eco Boom-Boom 5) “The Evil Empire “

Posted on September 18, 2010

Eco Boom-Boom 5) “The Evil Empire “

Meyrickpedia: Eco Boom-Boom = an extreme environmentalist article of Absolute Faith, not necessarily supported by bothersome Facts

A group of us were sitting about, chatting, drinking coffee, watching Telly. A bunch of Riff-raff Oil Patch folk. The worst of the worst. Polluters and miscreants…

Ban offshore drilling!

Our motley crew included helicopter pilots, some Coastguard Officers, and two BP reps.

Ban offshore drilling!

The television presenters were doing a magnificent job. I reflected on how many million of viewers were by now in floods of tears. It was all about the sensitive wetlands, the marshes, destroyed forever by BP’s criminal greed and their ‘orrible (good-fer-nuthin’) Oil. Everything was just fine before BP came along. The Oil had invaded, and it would never,ever, go away. The music, haunting, tragic, accompanied the camera, as it panned slowly and sadly back and forth of what seemed to be oil stained reeds, and a murky water line. It looked bad. Real bad.

Ban offshore drilling!

Some Dufus, another helicopter pilot, said:
“There’s something I just don’t get. Every year they BURN huge areas out there. It’s either lightning or deliberate fire set by hunters, but I’ve seen most of those wetlands on fire at some time or another, and nobody gets all up in arms about it. It always seems to come back real fast…
So why don’t they just BURN that shit…??? “
Several voices chipped in, and pilots remarked on the many times they had flown through billowing clouds of smoke, covering huge areas, acres and acres, on fire. Somebody said it was healthy for the wetlands, and gave an ecological explanation that sounded quite reasonable.

The Coastguard Officers were smiling. They knew exactly what we were talking about. But their amusement soon became focused on one of the BP reps, who was theatrically covering his head with both hands, and shaking a weary “No….! “
In the end, this worthy spoke as follows:
“We know…. we know…. but right now, the extreme environmental lobby has us portrayed as the Evil Empire… can you even IMAGINE what the Media would do to us if we went there…?? “
Everybody laughed. Yep. He was right. Can you even IMAGINE what would happen if you bothered the extreme environmental lobby with such pesky little things as FACTS??

Let’s face it, the ‘Liberal Media’ program is to back Big Government, and destroy Big Oil. Don’t bother us with the reality of our Black Gold dependent economy and inconvenient facts…

Francis Meyrick


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