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Eco Boom-Boom 4) “Another BP legacy to the world: Tar Balls “

Posted on September 18, 2010

Eco Boom-Boom 4) Another BP legacy to the world: Tar Balls

Meyrickpedia: Eco Boom-Boom = an extreme environmentalist article of Absolute Faith, not necessarily supported by bothersome Facts

If you have watched Television, or Tell-it-Wrong, or Tell-it-Gibberish, then have you noticed this?

When an announcer mentions ‘tar balls’, or if they show dramatic footage, have you spotted that there is an implied notion that this is a real new phenomenon? Never happened before? And of course, it’s all BP’s fault? Have you ever heard a TV Yapping Head ever say that tar balls have been around forever? That they actually occur naturally? That Oil seeps up naturally through fissures and cracks, and escapes into the open Ocean? It happens in the Gulf? It happens off the coast of California? That Nature has been dealing with that for aeons?

If you have, then I’m impressed, because I certainly have not.
In the popular TV ‘dumbing down’ version, this is all new, has never happened before, and it’s ALL BP’S FAULT! (And George Bush’s, of course)

But if only the voters are smart, and vote for BIGGER Government, then all these problems will go away and never come back again. We know how the experts in Government are already running the Banks, Mortgages, Health Care, and the Automotive Industry. Hopefully, they will soon do the same for Oil and Gas…

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