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Eco Boom-Boom 3) “A Massive Bird kill on the Chandelier Islands “

Posted on September 18, 2010

Eco Boom-Boom 3: “A Massive bird kill on the Chandelier Islands “

Meyrickpedia: Eco Boom-Boom = an extreme environmentalist article of Absolute Faith, not necessarily supported by bothersome Facts

Environment News Service article dated April 30, 2010

It was now many weeks after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and I was ‘working over’ flat out on my normal ‘off’ days. My traditional duty schedule of seven days ‘off’ and seven days ‘on’ had become eleven days on and three days off. I was flying over the oil spill area every day, from the nearest on land helicopter base. It was a grand stand view of a disaster, and the unprecedented resources that BP was -most honorably, in my opinion- bringing to bear on the problem.

As part of this amazing episode, I had the interesting experience of landing on the beach one day on one of the Chandelier Islands. A long, uninhabited (save by tens of thousands of birds) Island chain, off the South East coast of Louisiana. Note this flight occurred towards the end of JULY. This was many weeks after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. I was flying as part of the BP oil spill response. From conversations with people who had spent many days trekking up and down those Chandelier islands, including an amused Coastguard Official, it became clear that NO OIL had been found at that stage, on ANY of the Chandelier islands. The Coastguard Officials said they had found ONE tar ball, and they could NOT positively identify it as having come from the BP well.

I can personally back up that report, because I flew up and down a considerable length of the island chain. The reason for this was simple: I had been told to pick up two people off the beach. Hell if I could find them. I flew up and down, looking, looking… and all the while noticing NO OIL. Eventually it turned out they were sitting in a boat, waiting for me. They started to row a small boat ashore, I landed, shut down and waited for them. The huge flocks of bird, momentarily startled into flight, soon settled back down around me, seemingly quite unconcerned about the strange yellow bird in their midst. It was a peaceful scene. Happy birds, doing their thing, and unspoiled Nature. Wished I could have stayed there a few days…

That very same night… I was watching the Gogglebox. I just about fell off my chair! The Talking Heads, sadly shaking their heads of course, were talking about… the Chandelier Islands! The very islands I had flown all over that very same day. Where I had seen NO OIL. Where the Coastguard had confirmed they had only found ONE tar ball, not positively linked to BP. The entire TV presentation was deliberately misleading. It focused heavily on the importance of the Chandelier Islands as a Wild Life refuge, on the different species of wildlife found there, and THE IMPRESSION WAS CREATED that the Chandelier Islands were over run by oil! There was even a clip of an oiled Pelican being cared for! No observer other than myself, could possibly NOT have concluded that that bird came from the Chandelier Islands, and that the entire bird colony there was not at immediate risk…

After watching that program, I just wondered what right thinking, well meaning, caring member of Jo Public could possibly NOT be angry as hell after watching that???

Nobody is saying that there were no birds affected in the Oil Spill. Nobody knows how many have never been found. The article above I have linked to makes that point, and it is a valid one.One oiled bird is one too many. There is nothing as disheartening as seeing an oiled bird struggling wearily. Such losses grieve any right thinking person. But what are the actual numbers? Tens of thousands of lost birds? Hundreds of thousands? Whole scale extermination of threatened species because of those environmental thugs at BP? Or several Hundreds?

Fish and Game Report September 15, 2010

And I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be cold and unfeeling, how many of those birds die every day due to natural causes, such as growing old, getting the bird equivalent of arthritis, lumbago and senile decay?? Hundreds?? More likely… thousands.

And what impression… have the “liberal media ” deliberately created amongst voters…?

No, the BP Oil Spill wasn’t good. But was it the whole scale end of the World for birds as we once knew it?
I doubt it very much. Of course we are saddened by what’s happened to threatened bird species. But note they were already nearly wiped out once before by DDT, and man’s encroachment. It’s not just Oil that’s the threat.

The environmentalist article above I have linked to gives an entirely different impression. Note the ominous, dramatic colors of oil stretching out to totally engulf the Chandelier Islands…
And note also the elephantine size of that alleged oil slick. One hundred miles long by forty eight miles wide?
I’m sorry, I must have been asleep at the stick, but I never saw anything like a continuous slick anywhere NEAR that size…

Francis Meyrick

Note: FACT CHECK. Of the millions of birds who call the Gulf Coast their home, as of September 26, 2010, these are the statistics…

LIVE, OILED MAMMALS COLLECTED: 9 (No, it’s not a misprint…. nine…)


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