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Eco Boom-Boom 2) “Take a cup of oil “

Posted on September 17, 2010

Eco Boom-Boom 2)

“Take a cup of oil “

Meyrickpedia: Eco Boom-Boom = an extreme environmentalist article of Absolute Faith, not necessarily supported by bothersome Facts

You have to imagine a break room jammed full of noisy helicopter pilots, not famous for their political sensitivity.
You have to further imagine that they are “half listening ” to the Yapping Heads on the Gogglebox…
“half debating ” wine, women and song…
“half drifting away ” (yes, they tend to be a bit psychotic) in some aviation induced stupor…
Suddenly ALL collapsing in hysterics!

Question: WHAT caused the hilarity…!? Speaking
Answer: Certifiable talking donkeys on the Gogglebox….

Remember these guys fly vast distances out over the Gulf of Mexico waters all day long, every day, and have a very vivid up-close-and-personal awareness of just HOW MUCH water there is out there…!

Now let us listen to some ‘truly wacko’ talking heads trying to describe to Gullible Jo Public how serious this oil spill is. It needs a LOT more Government Intervention. The Government really needs to TAKE OVER the Oil Industry, and start running it properly.
With all those ‘Government Experts’, ya know…
(maybe the same ones that did such a wonderful job running the US Post Office)
Do you know how much oil is out there now, Ma’am, courtesy of those louts and hooligans in the Oil Patch?
Do you know, Sir, just how much of the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico have been polluted for the next five generations??

Let me tell you. For I am on Telly, and therefore I am an expert…

(We listened in awe.)
Apparently you take a wash hand basin, fill it with water, and then ADD a cup of water! That’s how bad the oil spill is!
Oh, no, says another Yapping Head. You fill your BATH TUB with water. You add your cup to that. THEN you know how bad it is.


Watch the UNHOLY MESS that one tea spoon full of oil will make.
(It spreads far and wide, and I guarantee you, nobody will want to swim in it).
And even THAT is a grotesque distortion, and way UNDER estimates the volume/ratio of water to oil)

But no, Missus Concerned Nice Lady in Philadelphia: just believe that nice man on Television, and go and fill your bath tub with water, and add a cup of oil.
Then you will know….
Just how much the Oil and Gas Man has been tricking with Flipper the Dolphin.

And it gets better…!

(to be continued…)

Francis Meyrick


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