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How to order Protest Stickers

Posted on August 27, 2010

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August 27th 2010
We are using the well established “Paypal System “, for online shopping, and we don’t see you credit card number. (Nor do we want to)
Shouldn’t be any problem, but if there is, you can contact me at Leave me your number, and we will call you asap.
There may be (maybe not) a short delay (when we run out) before your order ships. Allow a week or so before you start sticking pins in a Voodoo Doll that looks like me.

Item # 1) Below is our best selling original Moratorium Protest sticker. And is very popular. It actually represents a “double whammy “. Why? Well, the Oil and Gas worker IS proud of his flag. But he strongly suspects that ‘Little Barry’ Oh-Bama… is not.

$2.95 (includes post and packing)

No of Items:

Item # 2) As far as we are concerned, anybody who works in any industry in the Oil Patch, is entitled to proudly fly the sticker above. However, the many tens of thousands of supporting ‘service industry workers’, have another choice if they so prefer:

$2.95 (includes post and packing) (PENDING)

Item # 3) Behind every strong man stands his woman. This is a chance for MAMA to back up her man! Now she too can proudly thumb her nose at the extreme eco crazies, and the endless media Talking Heads beating up on HER Oil and Gas Man.
I would advise the extreme eco nutters to tread warily around Missus Oilee…

$2.95 (includes post and packing)

No of Items:

Item # 4) Consuming Oil and Gas is as American and as traditional as APPLE PIE. Are we going to let the Tree Huggers and the Bunny Kissers (in their Cadillacs) make us feel ashamed of AMERICAN APPLE PIE? We think NOT.

$2.95 (includes post and packing) (PENDING)

Item # 5) Maybe you don’t work in the Oil Patch, but you would just like to show your SUPPORT for the hard working Oil and Gas Man, busy slaving away to POWER AMERICA. We sure appreciate it!

$2.95 (includes post and packing) (PENDING)

Item # 6) We are ALL environmentalists, especially in the Gulf States, where we hunt-shoot-fish-boat-ride. But there is an EXTREME so-called “ENVIRONMENTALIST ” (?) who drives, enjoys ALL the many fruits of the labor and toil of the American Oil and Gas Man, and WILL not, CAN not, connect the dots and figure out that you need ‘A’ to get ‘B’. These extreme “ECO-ISTS ” or “ECOTISTS ” attracted our ‘Oily Finger’, as they drove their Hummers and Cadillacs down from Chicago to hold up signs that said: “Ban Offshore Drilling! “.
( “Stick a windmill up your exhaust, Missus, and see how quick you’ll go… “)

$2.95 (includes post and packing)

No of Items:

Until our online shopping cart is fully up and running, you may also order from:
Delivered hand to hand: $2
By mail: add postage/envelope/Paypal costs for a total of $2.95

We are working on additional items – soon!

Temporary address:

Att: Francis

318 AJ Estay Rd.
Golden Meadow
LA 70357

any questions:


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