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Posted on May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, I have some buy orders in for tomorrow Monday morning.
I know the market volatility is high. I’ve been looking at the S&P 500, and I see mostly decline-decline.
But I did cash out on a whole bunch of stocks in the last few weeks. The trailing stops took me out of some stocks I didn’t really want out of.
I had them all set at 8%, and I neatly got "bounced out", and then the stocks went straight back up again. To me, that’s just the Big Bully Boys (BBB) playing with us little guys.
Never mind, I learned from it.

Here’s my orders for tomorrow, Monday morning. Mind, I’m expecting a market tumble, and maybe a real nasty one at that, so I’m looking at value stocks that I don’t mind owning for the long term.
None are market orders. That tells you I’m not anxious to get in at any price. Only at my low-ball bid.

ABX  (Gold Miner)  
      Buy at limit 40.30  (below closing price) (Good ‘Till Canceled)
      Contingent Profit exit: $44.00
      Trailing stop:  12%

GLD   (Gold Fund)
      Buy at Limit $114.00 (slightly below closing price)(GTC)
MAT (Mattel)  (toy manufacturer)
       Buy at Limit 21.05
       Profit Exit:  24.00
       Trailing Stop:  8%

HAS  (Hasbro) (toy manufacturer)
       Buy at Limit 39.00   (GTC)
       Profit Exit 42.00
       Trailing stop:  12%   ( I got bounced out at 8%!!)

AAPL  (Apple)  
       Buy at Limit 225.00 (GTC)
       Profit Exit:  255.00 (highly unlikely, but, I can hope)
       Trailing stop: 8%

APA (Apache Oil)
       Buy at Limit 88.50
       Profit Exit 100.00   (that worked for me before!)
       Trailing Stop 12%  (expect this to go down before it goes up)

We’ll see how it goes.
The fear mongers are talking about a HUGE crash occurring, probably over Europe and the Euro crash. So staying in cash or near-cash is tempting.
But I don’t trust Treasuries. I might get hurt, but these are all good strong companies as far as I can see. (Except GLD, which is a physical gold fund.)

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