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Moggy’s Tunaboat Helicopter Manual Ch.3-C Take-Off Video Discussions

Posted on September 21, 2009

Moggy’s Tunaboat Helicopter Manual

Ch.3-C Take-Off Video Discussions


Video 3-C/001 “Helicoptero despega de barco “

Orthodox, normal,calm, no sweat… what more can you say?

Video 3-C/002 “An helicopter taking off from tunaboat “

Nice, calm. Wonder why he delayed that cyclic push forward? No biggie, but I would have shoved forward a little sooner. High marks though.

Video 3-C/003

Very interesting and super helpful video. Not sure about what seems to be a hard, low level turn, but watch for two danger areas well illustrated. First, see that weird lump just in the top corner of the helideck? Sometimes you will get a navigation light that sticks up even higher. Or a radio antenna. If your deck has no such obstacle, and you land on another boat that DOES have such a neat roll-over obstacle, you may not expect it, or initially even see it. I had that happen. Also, Second, note that deep blue, translucent Ocean. Can you sense how easy it is to get sudden vertigo? Loss of depth perception? Now think of the many mysterious disappearances of tuna helicopters, and think maybe “Auto down to a log ” and “deep blue sea ” and “vertigo “. Amber caution light!

Video 3-C/004

Is that beautiful, or what? The pilot is Rick Faulkner, and the ACE camera man I’m guessing (?) is his mechanic. This video is more of a piece of Art than an instructional video, but it sure brings back memories. Ace job, guys. Clapping
I notice you guys have a real “tie-down awareness ” program in place.
Judging by the final walk and check performed by your vigilant deck helper or mechanic. ApplaudApplaud For new guys, we cannot over emphasize the importance of this: way too many people have been killed over the years because of tie-downs. Also, it was interesting to see the position of the rotor disc. Not easy to judge when you’re on a sloping deck. Looks like the cyclic was a fraction too far forward for a while, then, just before take-off, it came just a tiddle bit too far aft…. a little wobble… and the Eagle launched.
I’ve watched this twenty times already, and I need to quit enjoying it so much. Keep ’em coming! Rick has read “Moggy’s Tuna Manual “, and I’m looking forward to hearing his feedback on what we’ve written and talked about. And suggestions for further material to be added.


Video 3-C/ 071 R44 Barco Atunero

Asking for it. What happens if the donkey quits at the worst possible moment? He’d be working hard to salvage that. I see no justification for this. Plus, notice something, he flies off skimming low over a glassy sea surface. How many flying machines, the world over, have flown into the water? CFIT?? Many pilots assume spatial disorientation is something that comes on slowly. Creeps in, sort of thing. At night, or in foggy weather. Not true. In certain circumstances spatial disorientation will hit you in an instant. In a flash. In broad daylight! When the sky is blue, and the sun is bright. When the water is that translucent emerald blue, that calm, that clear, you can watch sharks and dolphins dive deeper and deeper, a hundred feet down, more, and you will STILL see them. Paradoxically, when the sun is up, the sea is calm, life is good, pilots are (too) relaxed and happy…. a new and different hidden risk presents itself. Amber caution light…

Video 3-D

Wonderful. A truly classic example of an arrogant dickhead, who apparently sat in haughty judgment of a fellow pilot, if I understand the titles at the beginning. Everything is screwed up by this prime Neanderthal species of inhumanity. Firstly note the total lack of tie-down discipline. What in heck’s name are the tie-downs doing still attached, turning and burning, with a calm sea state? Notice the LAST tie-down to casually be removed, is the MOST dangerous one, i.e. the right rear tie-down! Do you see the pilot head’s spinning around worrying about his tie-downs? Hell, no! He’s relying on his deck helper. Does he even have one iota of a clue how many people have been KILLED by those blasted tie-downs? F..K NO! He’s too busy admiring himself.
Then watch the take-off. What sort of spaghetti was THAT? It obviously scared the camera man, because he nearly dropped the camera. Not content with damn near wiping out getting off the boat, our ace dufus now has to come roaring around like he knows what he is doing. It’s a pity we miss the greatest trick yet: flying HARD straight into the water. In the process writing off a perfectly good Hughes 500, of which there are not that many left.
And lastly, who was the employer, that let this moron loose? How did he pass his check ride?

Any more videos, anybody?

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