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Diary (3) – “Dark skies approaching – again “

Posted on September 1, 2008

Diary (3)

Dark skies approaching – again

I stand nonchalantly under our front porch, provisionally sheltered from the first onslaught.
The Louisiana skies are darkening ominously. A gray and black sheen is appearing in the distance now. It’s unnatural. And so was the eerie silence earlier on. That’s changing now, as the wind has come up. Cloud riders, the half crazed celestial version of motorcycle outlaws, are chasing by at low level. With above them, weird tentacles of angry cloud.
Rain drops are falling now, heavy and purposeful. Advance scouts of hurricane Gustav, advance messengers of ‘much’, much more to come. I sip from a steaming mug of tea, and reflect wryly on the latest radar picture. Well, let’s face it, our friendly hurricane is coming right at us. Linea directa. And make way for Moses. A few more hours, and it looks like the eye will come right over us. It will give us a taste of hurricane force winds, with gusts up to one hundred and xxxxx miles per hour.

Oh, well…

Suddenly our plywood boarded windows look a trifle ridiculous. Positively, hilariously absurd even. The metal car port, rated to withstand 115 miles per hour, and bolted deep into the ground, looks like it is made of match sticks. My gleaming 2008 Dodge Ram, sheltering underneath, appears magnificently vulnerable. I wonder about our roof holding up. Maybe the neighbors were right. Long packed up and gone, their windows boarded up, and their remaining vehicles standing forlornly out in a field. They too own metal car ports. But with the wisdom of past experience perhaps, they have elected to park their vehicles out in the open. Accepting the risk from wind blown projectile damage, and judging it to be a lesser risk than the total collapse of their car ports. I however, against the advice of my better half, remain stubborn.
I’m going to do it my way. I think it will hold…


How many times have I faced one of life’s storms? In the literal as well as the proverbial sense?
How many times have I done it my way, and paid the price?
And how come I’m wise enough to be cautious, but not wise enough to avoid the fight?
How come I relish a challenge, when I should perhaps just walk away?

Here we bloody go again. Stand by for action, and hold on to your holly hocks. This is your captain speaking. One thing is for sure, chaps.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride…

I finish my tea, and decide on another one before the power goes off. Once it’s gone, it will be off for a few days probably.
Like the last time. And we shall be hermits again. Alone, and out of touch with the whole world. No television, no internet, and no distractions.

Good. I like my own thoughts.

Okay, Gustav.

Bring it on, bitch…

Francis Meyrick

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