Francis Meyrick

I flew alone

Posted on December 26, 2007

I flew alone

(An allegory of Man’s eternal quest for love)

I flew alone in stormy skies
and forced my tired, aching eyes
past looming clouds and dark despair
through lightning laden night time air
in desperate search for guiding light
with only ragged tops in sight.

The hungry mountains mocked my breath
cold granite peaks forewarned of death
and thunder drums announced my fate
for I knew well the crushing weight
of loneliness above the rain
obscuring such a harsh terrain.

My life is like a tiny blip
the radar portrait of a ship
the captain tries with all his might
and longs to greet the welcome sight
the calm at last that he so sought
the shelter of a friendly port.

I longed that night with all my might
to terminate that wretched flight
to touch down lightly in a field
and cast away both stick and shield.
Somewhere that I could one day die
with just a quiet, peaceful sigh.

Perhaps it’s there, in luscious grass
that I will find you, gentle lass
we’ll wander both, our arms entwined
our simple love at once defined
away from all the harsh and loud
the greedy, unbelieving crowd.


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3 responses to “I flew alone”

  1. Thanks James.
    I enjoy Evoca. And it’s easy to use.
    We have a section "recorded audio" in where we collected some of them. I’m planning to use it more.
    It is kind of interesting trying to make a recording when you live at a house surrounded by ducks, chickens, Guinea fowl, dogs, a goose, a goat, etc, etc.
    Put it this way: you get to do plenty of retakes!!

  2. Francis ~ Beautiful poetry and fantastic recording.
    You have used articulate tone of your voice to emphasis the entire flight. Although there were moments that I was not sure if you were always safe flying. But with your perseverance your flight was a success!
    Thank you for sharing you love for poetry
    as well as your passion in flying.



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