Francis Meyrick

When Saddam met Satan

Posted on November 24, 2007

The book he clutched
(do you remember that photo of Saddam being led to the gallows, clutching the Koran?)

Of all the thuggery the world has known
from the subtle to full blown
few can match the art so well
as one guy I hope’s in Hell.

He was indeed a prototype
who never learned a bean
despite the bluster and the hype
he really was pure mean.
When he marched about the place
compassion never showed her face
Justice didn’t count a damn
But in the end she got Saddam.

When he saw the hangman’s knot
I wonder did he pray a lot.
Did the book he clutched so tight
really fit his grip that night?
Were the pages worn and read
did they echo in his head?
Grimly walking, sad but terse
did he grasp a single verse?

I wonder how his meeting went
in the place where he was sent
when he finally got stuck
with the dude who hates that book?

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2 responses to “When Saddam met Satan”

  1. He looks nice enough… but looks aren’t everything. I’m a pretty nice guy, but get a bad rap all the time because I have sharp fangs. So don’t poke a stick at me! Makes me stick them durned fangs out every time…

    Anyways… I’ve heard Vlad the Impaler had nothing on this guy. You summed up the nature of the beast quite properly here.


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