Francis Meyrick

Last Night

Posted on November 22, 2007

(This is a poem to a former lover, who died alone in a single vehicle car crash.
We rode a motorbike for thousands of miles.)

Last Night

Last night, from far away, I thought I heard
a distant sound,
beckoning me,
waking me,
urgently calling me.

It seemed to me it stirred
an old memory
haunting me
teasing me
leaving me

It was as if you were there,
whispering secretly
Remember me,
remember me
my darling
I care.

When I think of the miles
we passed crazily
you in black leathers
and I far too fast

I’d give up just anything
willingly, gratefully
for just five minutes
with you on the back.

We’d burn up the road
blisteringly, recklessly
And I’d feel your arms
take up the load.

With your hair in the wind
and your laughter contagious
we’d move like a banshee
demented, outrageous.

So I whisper right back
at the hovering memory
I remember you
I remember you
my darling
I care.

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2 responses to “Last Night”

  1. This is too sad for me. It is a good,terrible poem. You can do this. You can write and make me feel terrible. I hope sometimes you will write funny stories for us, or I shall go away and never come back!
    But it is good. Your voice in this is very expressive.
    Thank you, Francis.

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