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8/10/2012 Welcome!
This page is a NEW cyber portal under construction, an intermediary reference page to a variety of helicopter stories. The problem we rotor nuts face is that for every one hundred really crackin’ good helicopter stories (told in pilot rooms, bars, flea holes and Divorce Court rooms) MAYBE ONE gets written down. Did you know a pilot went for a stroll around a Gulf drilling rig, and actually FELL 150 feet off the helideck into the sea? And nobody saw it? (He swam back) Did you know a lady walking her dog saw a helicopter fly over, ON FIRE & TRAILING SMOKE, but the pilot didn’t know? (read the story, below). Did you know a pilot in Angola flew into wires, lost ALL his pitch links, had ZERO control, and still survived?
From the Serious to the Absurd, from the Nostalgic to the Hilarious, from the Flippant to the Tragic, over time, details get lost, colors pale, and even once TRUE events take on the blurred memories of yesterday’s mythology. Great learning opportunities pass on, forever. That’s a tremendous pity. To become truly professional as a Helicopter Captain today, in today’s ever more demanding environment, and strive for the highest standards of Safety and Airmanship, it is “wise to learn from the mistakes of others”. You won’t live long enough to make all those mistakes yourself.
So write it down, funny-serious-instructional-educational, and send that anecdote to us! Or send us a link to your page. (Copyright stays with you.) You can add photos, hyperlinks, and YouTube videos. Below a list of categories, which can always be extended. I don’t have (m)any stories (yet) for “ENG Helicopter, Lies and Fiction”, “Herding Ornery Cows in Australia”, or “Chopper patrols along the Great Chinese Wall” , “Dragging Trees”, nor even “Dancing the High Voltage Wires”, because I don’t have any stories (yet) about it. But you know, somewhere, some clown has done it, seen it, or tried it, (including crashing it) and can spin a great yarn… I’d like to think we could produce collections of short stories in anthology book form, down the rotary road. If you like, send me the details, and I’ll ghost write it up for you. I did that for two Vietnam Stories below.

Long live the nut! Fly safe, live long, and don’t crash.

Francis Meyrick

1) Current Active Categories, with existing content
(already up, hyperlinks are ALL active)
(in alphabetical order)

Africa (2)
Environmentalism (6)
Flight Training Stories (29)
Gulf of Mexico (3)
Humanitarian/Natural Disaster (1) NEW 9/2/2012
Humor and Mischief (5)
Humor, black (4)
Law Enforcement (10)
Philosophical/Meditative Stories (5)
Poetry (6)
Tuna Boats (66)
(Vietnam Stories – First person)
Vietnam Stories – Ghost written (2)

2) Current ABOUT-TO-BE Active Categories, with existing content (already written, hyperlinks will soon be active, coming soon/awaiting final edit)

Dream: So you think you would like to fly Helicopters (1)
EMS/Medevac Stories (3)
I learned about Helicopters from that
North Sea (1)
Search and Rescue
Sightseeing Tours
Wires! Wires! Wires!

3) WISH LIST for stories, in these categories!!! (anything else…?)

(Dancing the High Voltage Wires) (0)
(Dragging Trees) (0)
(ENG Helicopters, Lies and Fiction) (0)


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