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Posted on July 27, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi y’all,
Two things for you to ponder.

1) We’re looking at maybe opening a second website, and we’re open to suggestions, input and feedback.

What we have in mind is a separate website that would deal with the technical articles related to helicopter pilot flying technique.
It would use the same custom developed software.

At the moment, the series “Moggy’s Tuna Manual ” is more of a “how to fly ” series of articles, and it is perhaps clashing somewhat with the creative, artistic, free wheeling intent of
Whereas “Blip on the Radar ” deals with the human element, and probably belongs more on Writers Harbor.

The new site would be “linked “, so that it would be real easy to wander from one to the other.

I’m thinking we’re maybe trying to mix apples and oranges here, and describe them both as “Marmalade “.

What do you guys think?

2) This site has been remarkably stable. Just the last few days, we seem to have a hiccup. Well, when I say “we “, I know I had one. I received an “Internal server error ” message when trying to post.
If this happens to you, please let us know.

3) The site is backed up every Sunday automatically by the host company. Still, make sure you always have back ups,eh?


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3 responses to “New Website – perhaps”

  1. I don’t think you need a new website…just can’t you get them to write you in an index .. for both types of writing when the site opens..that comes up first..then it goes to what ya see now.

    Why two, and interconnected…that seems like a lotta extra code to be written and cost ya money, IMHO. Of course, I am just a silly southern belle, moggy…what would I know about databases or writing code, eh?

    Frankly, I was even kinda enjoying some of yer technical articles. Maybe I am so silly that I cannot understand every detail – I ain’t a pilot (but I have recurrent dreams about flying a plane and once, a friend let me fly his plane out over the gulf) but I still enjoy them.

    Please, please don’t take them away Mr. Moggy…just put in the little divider thingee..that’s all.


  2. Hm. I was worrying that the technical writing (admittedly, it sure does wander back and forth between pure technical and the human, subjective, emotional side) might be annoying people.
    I thought maybe a creative ‘artistic’ site, and ‘how to land a heliwhopper on a fishing boat when there’s 200 ton of fish hanging off the port side’ was kinda non-compatible.

    Well, maybe not. Anybody else?

  3. I got some more input from parties opposed to splitting things up.
    The feeling that we will "dilute the user base".
    Admittedly, the cross-over between the "technical element" and the "human element" is not clearly defined.
    Okay, well, we’ll soldier on for a while. See how it all develops…

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