Holocaust 2 – Investigation & Articles

Welcome, friends. 

These are my study notes, shared with you. I will keep quietly adding to it all , as I plod along. I make no claim to being any kind of Holocaust expert – at all.  I’m just another seeking human being, who tries to work things out, by scribbling down his thunks. Thoughts. Brain f*rts.

I don’t like hate. I’m so tired of it. I’m trying to see through the swirling fog and mist, of human lies & deception. I’ve also become more and more interested, as I have slowly become convinced of the epic, massive injustice inflicted upon the good German people. Indeed, upon our poor, struggling world.

I don’t lie. I’m far too dumb to lie. You’ve got to have one hell of a memory, or your lies will trip you up. I, firstly, don’t have that sort of IQ, and, secondly, I don’t think I can be remotely bothered. The truth is complicated enough, to even begin to fathom the b*st*rd, without weaving a tangled web of hooplah-and-daisies. What you see is what you get. Just a dumb, old, former trouble maker & hell raiser, still opening his Irish-American squawk, when silence, poor wee ignored beastie, might have been golden.