Helicopters and Humans

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Stories from flying helicopters all over the world. These are also available in electronic format, or printed book.

See Amazon, ‘Helicopters and Humans’, by Francis Meyrick.  If you enjoy the stories, hereby furnished for your enjoyment, maybe please buy the book…  It’s cold, sleeping under this f**k’n bridge. And Walmart want their shopping trolley back.

Photo: One fine Helicopter Sunset, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A long way from home, my friend.

“A certain type of chopper jockey tells you about his mistakes with a smile. You know why? It keeps him humble.”
“The Wind and the Flower are old friends.”
“Fly softly, for our friends lie below.”
“Good words are like the winds: they carry the seeds of wisdom, or blow right past your ears”

Learning To Fly Helicopters

Of Helicopters and Humans