Helicopters and Humans

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Photo: One fine Helicopter Sunset, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A long way from home, my friend.

“A certain type of chopper jockey tells you about his mistakes with a smile. You know why? It keeps him humble.”
“The Wind and the Flower are old friends.”
“Fly softly, for our friends lie below.”
“Good words are like the winds: they carry the seeds of wisdom, or blow right past your ears”

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Our stories and tales on the subject of ‘Helicopters’ (technical) and ‘Life’ (environmental, philosophical, humanitarian, scurrilous & obscene) are available here, and are often based on my little travels around this threatened, fragile, but infinitely beautiful Space Ship Earth. Sofar, our only home. Threatened. In many ways. I often feel sorry for her. All Our Mother. I understand the need to eat, and I know fishing has always been a human pursuit. It needs to be ‘sustainable’ though. Is it? Or is it short term plunder?
As per requests from my regular readers (all 2 of you, Lotty has joined a convent), and in order to facilitate searches, and to simplify locating the relevant articles, we now offer this intermediary ‘reference page’, a ‘cyber portal’ as it were, which will give you direct hyperlinks to the chapters, aswith a brief or description of what you can expect to find there. We hope that Helicopter pilots, mechanics, and other funky Humans will enjoy some of our articles, and in turn provide us with your feedback and first person Life Experience anecdotes. About anything. Just write it… scroll down for the ‘Fixed Wing’ & Aerobatics stories.
I love to fly, and dream. I wish to save the world. Unfortunately, seems I’m better at causing chaos. Heck, Saint Peter, I meant well…