Click here to read a long article entitled “Dropping Anchor at Writer’s Harbor”, which is an ongoing work-in-progress about HOW to navigate this port.

Click here to take a very short Guided Tour around https://newwritersharbor.com

Q.1 “I’m scrolling down the opening page, but I can only see part of each story. How do I OPEN the whole story?”
A.1 You “click” on the TITLE.

Q.2 “I want to see ALL of a particular writer’s stories. How do I get to that writer’s personal area?”
A.2 You click on the writer’s name. Then look left. Under “ACTIONS” you will see, in bold letter, “view all works”.
Click there.

Q.3 “How do I edit my “personal profile”?
A.3 Go to the top right hand corner of the screen. Click on “account”. It opens an interactive page.

Q.4 “Do I have to join a group before I can post?”
A.4 No.

Q.5 “How is the site going to deal with porno/abuse/rudeness or personal attacks?
A.5 We’re thinking that initially we will let everybody post straight away, in good faith. If that “trust” is abused, then we would probably place somebody under a group leader. Meaning that the posts would be “approved” by that leader before appearing on the site.

Q.6 “How are you inserting photos?”
A.6 We’re using Photobucket.com and re-sizing the uploaded photos. (“thumbnail” seems to work good)

Q.7 “Can I post material, that is only accessible by members of the site, and not by casual visitors?”
A.7 Yes. When you “post” your story, at the bottom of the screen, you will see “ACCESS”. You have 3 options. Public, family, or group.

Q.8 “I can’t get the ‘stars’ to work? What am I doing wrong?”
A.8 The way it’s set up, you move your cursor over the stars. You watch the percentage points change to the value you want. Say,80%. Then click once. You will see the note “Voting…” appear. Wait one second. Go back to your “comment”. Press “post”.
Now you should see both your comment and your “stars” allocation. Note that if you forget to vote, it’s not a problem. All you have to do is go back and vote, hit “post” again, and it will STILL record your vote.

Q.9 “What is the story with copyright?”
A.8 Any contributions remain categorically, absolutely, no exceptions, the exclusive property of the writer concerned. The site makes no claims whatsoever to the copyright of any individual contributor.

Q.10 “I’m not sure I want to post my writing, but I would like to join up, and post critiques and participate in the site that way. Is that okay, or can only dedicated writers participate?
A.10 No problem. Feel free to join up and critique/offer input. You’re very welcome.