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Do you remember, Latin Mass?

September 11, 2022 in The Great Cosmic Kindness Do you Remember, Latin Mass? @MeowBarkChirp I have not attended (found) a Latin Mass, for decades now. I’m often surprised how much I miss it. Not just the mass. But that bygone, lost, never seemingly to be repeated, sense of awe. Purpose. Soaring mystique. Something so magnificently elevating. A few years back, I visited a Dutch church in Eindhoven, where, as a young fellow, decades before, I attended so many. Sixties, early seventies. Packed out churches. Awesome sense of unity. Peace. Hope. Something beautiful beyond words. I almost wish I hadn’t. What existed there was now just a pale, trembling shadow of what once was. So many churches now either gone, demolished, or turned into discos & entertainment centers. Warehouses. I don’t understand it. The spiritual hunger among so many people is still there. The longing for higher, better, Read More

Why the stupid Greed?

March 27, 2022 in Auto-biographical (spiritual quest), The Great Cosmic Kindness

  Why the stupid greed? In the autumn of my little life, I, a simple enough, not-terribly-bright, God-respecting man, marvel at the human race. I really do. For decades now, I’ve regarded Life as a very interesting, albeit too brief, sojourn on a really cool little planet. A taster, kinda thing. Hopefully, I and others are correct, and Death’s just a door, on which we shall knock, timidly, (I imagine), at the appointed time. With a few notable exceptions, to the ‘timid’, of course. There was always this joke going around about the Reverend Ian Paisley. A Protestant Northern Irish politician, not famed for his reticence or quiet delivery. The joke was that you could be sitting in heaven, trying to string your stupid harp, and there would be this constant timid knocking at the door. Lots of humble little spirits, recently passed, all asking, humbly, to be let in. Then, Read More

Beyond the Garden gate

April 17, 2021 in Auto-biographical (spiritual quest), My Search for God and Meaning, Short Story (spiritual quest), The Great Cosmic Kindness, Why do I write?

A Chance Meeting

April 16, 2021 in My Search for God and Meaning, The Great Cosmic Kindness

  A chance meeting It is fine to wander staff in hand that long, dusty road and meet, once in a while, a rare event a fellow pilgrim. With whom we may converse deeply, satisfyingly yet mostly in silence. Listening to clouds the wind, the stars at night. And our own, soft hearts, beating. Return to GCK Main Index? Last edited by Francis Meyrick on April 16, 2021, Read More

Great Cosmic Kindness

April 16, 2021 in The Great Cosmic Kindness

GCK – MAIN INDEX Great Cosmic Kindness One small soul's clumsily-tripping journey through the great puzzle of his tiny Life     Revealed Humanity Sailing the Stars Smoke, and lenses. Tiny spirit, thick fog. Beyond the Garden Gate Poetry A Chance Meeting Last edited by Francis Meyrick on April 17, 2021, Read More

Smoke, and lenses. Tiny spirit, thick fog.

April 10, 2021 in My Search for God and Meaning, The Great Cosmic Kindness

Smoke, and lenses. Tiny spirit, thick fog. There is much that I, a tiny mud worm spirit, fail to understand.  I step softly through new portals of thought, humbly, respectfully, as one always seeking a teacher. Or on the look-out. For a better, more knowledgeable man. I love to probe new questions. Or old ones, in the light of new experience, or different perspective. I am therefore always puzzled by the teeming legions. Who confidently kick doors open. With a resounding crash. Loudly, enter. With a flourish. Or is it a swagger? Intent to make their presence felt. Immediately. It seems they disapprove of silence. Acoustic, or spiritual. And feel instantly obliged to fill it. With their -magnificent- being. And I? It seems? Often offend them.  For which I am sorry. I can’t help it. It’s just not my way. I see life as a (very) short trailer. For a movie, Read More

Sailing the Stars

March 30, 2021 in The Great Cosmic Kindness

Revealed Humanity

June 8, 2013 in The Great Cosmic Kindness

Revealed Humanity A small handful of stories achieve something, that the common mass and jousting jumble of written words never, ever will: They give us a glimpse into the very soul of the writer, naked and uncovered, brave and bloodied. Their tales are their gift to us. They permit us to walk a mile in their shoes, and breathe in for a humbling moment the very essence of their interaction with Life, Death, and the Universe. These stories are rare, and precious, for their spiritual and emotional intensity. Their clarity and nobility. Through them, the humanity of the writer is revealed, bravely, for all to see. Katie achieves this with “Summertime”, and T.Clifford does it with “Of Dignity and Despair”. Alister Flik does it with “Confusion”, and Legion hits us hard with “The Man that Ruined my Life”. Very often the writers themselves have suffered. But without their hurt, Read More

The ugly little turtle

November 22, 2007 in Auto-biographical (spiritual quest), My Search for God and Meaning, Short Story (symbolism), The Great Cosmic Kindness

  The ugly little turtle For as long as he could remember, he had been there.Huddled together with his brothers and sisters, in their cozy, warm bed.But now, as he lay and listened to the sighing wind outside, the important chatterings of his siblings, and the restless storm inside his mind, he knew things were going to change. For ever. It was time… to move on. The wind was calling him. A new home was calling him. There was some terribly important task he had to accomplish.If only he knew…what task. In a way, he felt sad. He knew he was going to miss… this place. There was a comfort here. A security of the familiar. Oh, he had suffered a bit. He was an ugly, slightly handicapped turtle, and the others picked on him. They called him names, Read More