Category: Steps on my Road – an Epidemic of Suicide

  • 19) Embrace the Yearning

    Steps on my Road  –  Stepping stones across the Stream of Life 19)  Embrace the yearning      Here's a great video for you. Before you watch it, I ask you to contemplate the concept of “The Great Spirit”. You might like to Google it, and ponder what people might mean by that term. Then, you might ponder what YOU […]

  • Imagine Time is funky, and Jesus might be possible – one day

    Imagine Time is funky, and Jesus might be possible – one day 2/29/16 So I was talking for hours with a veteran, who struggles mightily with PTSD. He was shot in the head, and blown up. He’s on anti-depressants, and there’s something in his eyes that alarms me. A deep sense of hurt. He’s bitter […]

  • Steps on my Road -Tunnel Out #18- If at first you don’t succeed…

    Tunnel Out #18 If at first you don’t succeed… YOU CAN ALWAYS BLOW UP ANOTHER ONE…!!! I like to follow the antics of a certain guy, who is variously regarded as a visionary, a fruitcake, or a Professional Freeloader, gorging himself on hundreds of millions of dollars of Government and State happy handouts. What fascinates […]

  • Steps on my road -17- Forgiveness of Self 17) Forgiveness of Self How hard are we on our selves? If a friend addressed us in the manner in which we address ourselves sometimes, how long would we keep that person as a friend? Why so harsh? Why do people who find it in themselves to be compassionate towards the Universe, compassionate towards […]

  • Tunnel #15 – One Step beyond the Greatest Failure

    Tunnel #15 One step beyond the greatest failure Those who contemplate suicide, in essence contemplate giving up. The two saddest words in the English language are: “if only…” Survivors, those left behind, like myself, can only marvel at the waste of opportunity. Indeed, if only… If you think again about the stepping stone entitled “The […]

  • Tunnel 17 – Being hard on yourself again?

    Tunnel #17 Being Hard on yourself again? Everybody probably does it at some time. But the artistic, feeling amongst us… we’re the worst for descending into a self judging morass. It gets worse, and worse. Me, bad. Me, very bad. Me, very-very-very bad. Like the image of the greenhouse (tunnel # 11), the shutters of […]

  • Question: Do we tend to maybe look UP the ladder too much?

    Question: Do we tend to maybe look UP the ladder too much? C’mon, we ALL do it. Looking UP the ladder. Career, education, wealth, status, satisfaction… it’s never enough, is it? If only… hmmm…. (DREAM, DREAM). Right? Well, a few years back I was pondering this issue, and wondering how to verbally illustrate what I […]

  • So You are Gone

    So you are gone So you are gone never again, can my arms wrapped around you find their mark. I’m lost in a troubling swirl of tear stained madness raving like some gibbering fool at the sharp, merciless edge of piercing Reality. Laddie what happened? What cause was such that no effort at resolution no […]

  • Beware of Mirrors

    Beware of Mirrors Beware of Mirrors – for a cold creature lurks there There are other sorts of mirrors than just the glass ones we obsess in. Other types of mirrors that seem to set us off on an inward looking spiral. Me. Introspection. Strange. Does it really matter? Francis Meyrick Francis Meyrick Francis Meyrick […]

  • The Importance of Self – or Not?

    The Importance of Self – or Not? I am a Child of the Universe – and I am loved For a long time in my Life, I saw myself as at the center of the Universe. Maybe not consciously, but effectively, Life revolved around me. Oh, and I was important. I was essential actually. I […]