Category: Short Story (symbolism)

  • The Old Eagle

    The Old Eagle As an old Eagle, battle scarred and cynical, I still soar, high and alone, through the grey, damp soaked, wintery skies. Lightning flashes incessantly, and the dull kerr-whump of distant thunder rolls alternates with the sharp, explosive crackling detonation resonating all around me. It is cold. And I am weary. If I […]

  • The King’s Great Castle

    The King’s Great Castle An allegory It was funny, being old. Benito would spend his days, sitting on a low, stone wall. Just outside the gates of the King’s Great Castle. He would watch, and think, and occasionally chat with those who passed by. He would lean on his gnarled old walking stick, hunched over, […]

  • The Fool on the Hill

    The Fool on the Hill (A story set in the pre-Revolution days of Old Ireland, when the British still held power, and all thoughts of independence and emancipation were deemed the impossible ramblings of deluded fools…) Yes, is there a hint of the Allegory here? Applicable to today? Here? Now? Can we, frustrated writers today, […]

  • The Ducks of Finchingfield

    Photo: cmiper In the ‘Ducks of Finchingfield’, if the symbolism annoys or confuses you, the thing to remember is very simple: it’s NOT a story about ducks. It is more a story about false appearances, and the latent hypocrisy of the super rich and predatory Freemasons who inhabit said village. Several people have asked me […]

  • The ugly little turtle

      The ugly little turtle For as long as he could remember, he had been there.Huddled together with his brothers and sisters, in their cozy, warm bed.But now, as he lay and listened to the sighing wind outside, the important chatterings of his siblings, and the restless storm inside his mind, he knew things were […]