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  • Beyond the Garden gate

  • Death is a beautiful Lady

  • The Problem of Christian Inferiority in relation to Jews

    @TheGreatGoose wrote this on GAB: (quote) “THE PROBLEM OF CHRISTIAN INFERIORITY IN RELATION TO THE JEWS Even when I was a little kid in Catholic grade school and I first learned that Jews were known as “God's Chosen People,” I knew there was something deeply wrong about the concept. Why would God choose one group […]

  • The Machine in the Desert

    The Machine in the Desert Simple Simon deep down knew that he thought a bit askew many were the folk who said that he rumbled in his head. But Simple Moggy following through launched upon the Quest anew because he longed – with puny might to one day walk full in the Light. I'd been […]

  • Voices, crying, in the Wilderness?

    Voices, crying, in the Wilderness? (The individuals don't matter. The voices, crying in the wilderness, set against already burning cities, and rumors of wars… do) Voice 1:   “One day you are going to die and you're going to wish you spoke your mind and lived an authentic life… You won't care what people thought of […]

  • On getting Angry

    Posted in The Great Cosmic Kindness – Group Cosmic Wanderer  August 1, 2019   04.00am On getting Angry I find it so dissatisfying to get angry. To feel myself getting my Irish fighting blood up. But when, predictably, retard Africans throw small children and their mothers in front of trains, and when, predictably, the great Liberal Thinkers, cocooned […]

  • Greetings, Pilgrim!

    (Posted in The Great Cosmic Kindness – Group) Greetings, Pilgrim! GAB seems to be gravitating from 'Topics' to 'Groups'. The advantages of 'groups' for sure are Mod ability to delete spam, porn, abuse, etc. The 'group' also implies people working together, problem solving, issue pondering, etc. That second aspect should be very much encouraged, I'm […]

  • I stand on a Mountain Top

    I stand on a Mountain Top, and cry to the World An old Yazidi man, a patriarch to his people. A moment in time. An event that took place. Already forgotten. In the West, we shrug our shoulders. In the USA today, somebody, reliably, affecting an air of wisdom, will utter the usual platitude. The […]

  • The Chattering Brook

    The Chattering Brook An allegory The chattering brook had been cascading down from the high, high mountains for aeons. Since Time Immemorial, since the Very Early Days, before the Dark Times, the white, foaming, swirling waters had followed the creek bed down, thundering and roaring, past rocks and boulders, fallen tree stumps, slowing past open […]

  • The Fool of Auschwitz

    The Fool of Auschwitz The concentration camp routine brought with it a perverse, malevolent normality. Early Spring of 1944 was little different from twelve months earlier, when he had first arrived, exhausted and sleep deprived, at a place called Auschwitz. He had found himself being herded off the train like a dumb, unfeeling beast. They […]