Category: Short Story (emotions)

  • Reekie, the little grey kitten

    REEKIE An animal story The little girl, coming up our garden path, had tears pouring down her cheeks. Her face, crumpled under the weight of some unknown sorrow, reflected only heartbreak. Alarmed, fearful of what might have happened, I hastened to her side. “What’s wrong? “, I asked, my instant compassion sharpened by a pinch […]

  • Black Thunder

    Black Thunder The Louisiana fishermen, standing by the side of the LA 82, barely paused in their conversation. The rolling thunder, that had started as no more than a distant, growling threat, was increasing in volume. It was louder now, and became the unmistakable sound of an approaching large V-twin motorcycle. Still the fishermen chatted […]

  • Jessica is not coming to play today

    Jessica is not coming to play today credits: Evangelis ( “Missing you “) frenzfrenz (YouTube) Thursday, March 8th 2007 I guess this is not a good morning for me. Oh, the sun is shining. I’m home, for a week off. In my comfortable house. With the dogs lying around outside, contentedly dozing in the sun. […]