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  • Chapter 2 – That eerie feeling

    Chapter 2: That eerie feeling Peter and Annie did not think too much of it when all of a sudden a little twig blew under the canvas of their tent. After all, they found themselves in the middle of the woods. It would be strange not to find any twigs in your tent or would […]

  • The day the wind lay down – Chapter 1 – Enjoying the silence

    Peter and Annie were still snoozing in bed when they were gently awoken by the soft sunlight and the clear blue sky entering their bedroom… As Peter was in one of his more romantic moods, he thought it would be a nice day for an old fashioned romantic picnic. Looking lovingly at Annie, still sound […]

  • Cairo (work in progress)

    She sat in the rattan chair in the corner of the restaurant bar. Beads of condensation slid down the heavy leaded crystal glass, leaving a tiny puddle of ripples on the mahogany table. This was not the first ring left on the table from an icy beverage. Closer inspection revealed many years of erosion at […]