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  • Holocaust or Holohoax

    HOLOCAUST or HOLOHOAX…?? September 17, 2019 If you are not familiar with the social networking group “GAB”, I recommend you take a visit there. This morning the site is once again under massive attack, presumably DDOS. Depending on your experience, outlook, and politics this is either a sad thing, a good thing, or a who-cares-anyway […]

  • GAB Group/Discussion Overview

    GAB GROUP/Discussion Overview Note: NONE of these GROUP links work   Must be the way GAB is set up         “THE COMING EUROPEAN CIVIL WAR(S)” Note 1: WWW.GAB.AI is the up and coming competitor to Twitter and Facebook, and is dedicated to Free Speech.     It is increasingly being supported by Free Speech advocates, who see that right, especially […]

  • To the Sheriff of Broward County

    To the Sheriff of Broward County Forever now in popular slang May Hell be poured out on this gang Of gutless creeps who failed to heed Children in their hour of need. Broward County will never lose The echoes of this nation's boos, The setting in recorded time A new low bar for yellow slime. […]

  • Down on Range

    The following is my account of an incident that I experienced as an Auto-Track Radar Repairman in the USAF. Names were either modified or omitted for the usual reasons. I was a Sr. Airman assigned to the maintenance shift at Detachment 1, 1CEVG La Junta, Colorado. Det 1 was one of many sites across the […]

  • Excessive Escapism

    ]Loverboy had a song called “everybody's working for the weekend ” and it's largely true. I have known several people who lived the life prescribed by others. Going into debt to buy an over-priced home, going to college, working at a job they really hated, staying in a terrible relationship; the list goes on. Many […]

  • job to be done

    So let's get on with it. We must put the case for Brexit anew. We must take nothing for granted. It doesn't matter what we do with the money. We can put it in the NHS or buy pink elephants with it. The point is it's hard working British peoples' money and it should be […]

  • Immigration videos, dealing with specific European countries

    Immigration videos, dealing with specific European Countries (North to South) SWEDEN negative press on immigration Last edited by admin on December 18, 2017, 7:27 pm

  • Old Man Thistle

    Old Man Thistle What, we wonder, is going to happen? Will the British people go quietly into the night? Quietly, with barely a murmur, just a few ultimately doomed protests, will they just meekly accept the erosion of the rights of their womenfolk? Honor killings? Female genital mutilation? Rampant Muslim grooming gangs? With cowed men […]

  • 1c) the "famous three" videos that Trump re-tweeted, and that reaped the whirlwind

    1c)  the “famous three” videos that Trump re-tweeted, and that reaped the whirlwind Admin note:  First, the “famous three” videos… 1)   Nov.29,2017 2)   Nov.29, 2017 3) Aug.16,2013 No matter what way you look at it, it's pretty horrific. I wrote a short opinion on it, and I offer it here. “1) I have studied the three videos […]

  • 1d) Reasoned, entertaining Videos that offer a contrary opinion

    1d)  Reasoned, entertaining Videos that offer a contrary opinion, in whole or in part, to Britain First Admin note: it's hard to get past the 'heated abuse' stage, and many anti-comments are boring, vitriolic and simply poorly presented. But it's always a pleasure to find a reasoned video, thoughtfully presented, that is fun to watch. Britain […]